Summer Loving, Had me a Blast!

Well I thought that one of the best ways to start this properly is by having a chat about what we have been up to recently, and well we cannot go ahead without covering … Summer Holidays 2017!


So, where to begin. Due to working in education I was lucky enough to be able to spend the whole of the summer off with Evie. Which meant that we had the chance for a whole summer of adventures, and I couldn’t wait!


I know that some parents really dread the summer holidays, of trying to fill it full of activities and days out. It’s not only that, but also the fact that it can get really expensive! I thought I would be super organised and make a spreadsheet (Geek, I know) of the weeks ahead and what we could do each day. AND LOW AND BEHOLD I STUCK TO IT! Amazing I know.


I sort out a lovely little playgroup that was literally 5 doors from our house at the church, and so that became our base on a Wednesday each week. Evie fell in love with the group and soon she would revolve her week around there. Then I scoured the Internet for all the free things to do in Birmingham (I will do a spate post about those!!) and added them to my list. I planned on lost of park days with friends and family and some cuddly sofa days watching films.


I must say my fav were the picnics in the parks and the sofa days!


We are really lucky that my parents own a luxury caravan on a Haven site in Mablethorpe, so before we knew it we were off to the seaside. Evie is in her absolute element there and adores everything from the beach to singing and dancing in the live lounge. She went swimming, shopping, dancing and played in the soft play area. We built costumes from recycled rubbish and had a lovely time with the family. My aunt and uncle stayed close by in my grandparent’s caravan in Skegness and so we would flit between the two. Evie loved the massive car boot and managed to get herself a (very loud) toy guitar and has been in love with it every since. Well you can’t say no for £1!


All too soon it was time to go home and get into some kind of holiday routine. Evie is great, and would let me have a lie in most days, as she would sleep in too, so we would get up around 8am and then plan our days. Our picnic bags were always made and ready each morning and we would go with the flow. Many days were spent down Walsall Arboretum running around the splash park and feeding the ducks. On the days it rained we would each our picnic on the floor with a blanket in the living room.


We were lucky to have a few lovely out of the ordinary days out. We were invited to join my friend and her soon for a fantastic day out to Alton Towers, were I learnt that Evie does not like as many rides as I first though she did!



We also had a fantastic day out with our friends down at Kingsbury Water Park where we went hunting for the gruffalo in an absolute downpour of rain, and then played on the amazing climbing frame there.



Evie spent a lot of time with her friends too. She is always asking for her best friend Ellie and had many lovely days at her house playing whilst I stole cuddles from her super cute baby brother!



Near the end of the holidays Evie started Horse Riding with some vouchers she had been brought back on her 3rd birthday! Well she took to it like a duck to water, and she is a complete natural. Looks like we need to start saving for a Pony now! – Keep dreaming hahaha.


So was it all sunshine and roses? No, of course not. We had our tantrums and down days like anyone else. But I would do it all in a heartbeat to spend the time with her again before she started school. It was amazing to just spend all that time with her, for her to WANT to spend that time with me. She really is my best friend and I am a little bit lost at the thought of how this is all about to change with her going off to school …



Until next time.


Sarah xx



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