There’s a big world that’s waiting …

First day at school 2017.


Those words have filled me with dread for weeks. The idea that my tiny baby is going to school. I mean she is still a teeny little newborn in my mind, in baby grows and scratch mittens. I seemed to have blinked and she has grown up to this sassy, confident, clever and beautiful little girl.


I know many people do not classify school Nursery as ‘going to school’, but as Matt and I both agreed, in actual fact is really is. She is in a full school uniform, and going every day of the week 9-3. There will be nothing different next year when she starts Reception and so this is Evie’s first day at school. And my god it has come around quick. At 3 and a half Evie still seems so small to me. But then in other ways she is huge (and I suppose the fact she is already very tall with huge size 10 feet) and I wonder how on earth this has all come around so quickly.


As you may have read before I tried to make the absolute most of our summer holidays together. By the end Evie was on a count down for the start of school and she simply could not wait. My school opened a day before hers and she was in a right foul mood when Mommy went back a day before her!


The night before you could feel the excitement buzzing from her. She simply could not wait to get into bed and get into her uniform the next day. Her bag was all waiting for her with her shiny Clark’s shoes and her new uniform, and I am not afraid to admit that I did some right ugly crying before I went to bed. Why? I don’t know. She was more than ready, (she had been with an amazing childminder since she was 1, and even she admitted that Evie was more than ready for the next stages), but that didn’t mean I was ready. I just wanted more time with her, more adventures with her, more make believe and more playtime.


I was, and still am, worried that whilst there will be more school holidays and half terms, that the young carefree fun would never be the same. Everyone always tells you how when they start school they grow up before your eyes. Well she has already grown up so fast I couldn’t bare the thought of anymore. Its inevitable, and I cannot stop it, even if I try. But I would love to be able to run away from time and keep my baby. Some will say this is pathetic but I refuse to believe that I am the only mom who feels this way!


The morning came. Bright and bloody early at 5AM when a small cute face is nose to nose with mine and asks if she can go to school yet. You can’t be cross with that face for long, and in all honesty I was relishing with the extra few hours whilst she was ‘all mine’. Before Daddy woke up and before she went through those school gates. Whilst the rain hammered against the window we snuggled on the sofa and spoke about the day ahead. She was excited to play, to meet her friends and to use her brand new Twilight Sparkle school bag. We ate breakfast and casually got ready. And then, the time had come.


Both Matt and I had arranged with our workplaces that we would be there to take her on her first day and then pick her back up again. School is on our road and so we took a nice slow walk over to the entrance. Her teachers were waiting at the Nursery doors and before I knew she walked through and was gone. All the other parents who were standing with us had older children and were seemingly fine, but Matt and I were not. I went off to work for a few hours to take my mind off it, but it hardly worked. My baby wasn’t a baby anymore.


Before I knew it I was driving home to pick her up. I was ridiculously excited to get her bake home to me, it was untrue! We were very early, such school geeks haha. We stood to the side and could see her playing. And like that, all of a sudden, I felt better about it all. That might sound lame but it was true. I realised she would be fine. Sure, I knew deep down she would be fine all along, but seeing her there, playing and holding hands with her friends, I just realised that this is what she needs and its going to do her so well.


She came out and ran towards me, so excited to tell me that she is the proud owner of the first accident slip in the whole school for the year (bloody child! Cut her lip within minutes of being there). She was a scruffy state and so I knew she’d had fun. We spent the walk home talking about her day, about how she had made a new friend, how she had had fish fingers and pasta for dinner and more excitingly ICE CREAM too – which started moans of ‘you never let me have a pudding but school has one every day’. The poor deprived soul.


By 4:30pm she was asking for bed. I thought she was tired, but nope, she wanted to go to bed so she could go back to school again. Let’s hope she stays this enthusiastic until she is 18!!


So my baby isn’t a baby anymore. She’s an amazing little girl, who the world at her feet, and I think she is going to take it by storm.


Until next time …




Sarah xx



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