Plastic Fantastic

If there’s one thing none of us can ignore it’s the C word. Nope not that one, Christmas! Christmas, that delightful time of year where the toys r us jingle is forever in my mind and when the marketing teams send out the big guns which make my child NEED a little live bloody pet.


I can’t avoid it. I mean I love Christmas, I really do! But with Evie’s birthday being 5 days later I can’t see past the expense of it all. I know, before anyone tries to be clever, that it’s easy enough. Just don’t buy it. Blah blah blah. No one actually does that. I mean I am making a very conscious effort to buy much less this year, but that’s mainly because what she wants costs so much this year!! Have you seen the price of the ‘Our Generation’ range? Insert a poor dead faced emoji here.


Last christmas was a bit insane.

Even if money was no object, I cannot get over the amount of plastic crap that seems to spill into my house over the year. I cleared out Evie’s playroom (please read unused conservatory and not that we are a middle class family with a cool playroom.) the other day and I threw out 2 black sacks worth of junk. Broken crayons, half a poundland ripoff pony, a million and one shoes for Barbie and I’m pretty certain the head of Peppa Pig. I have yet to find the body. Oh and aprrox. 123767million kinder egg toys.


I tried to get her to love the beautiful rainbow painted wooden toys. My house has plenty of Melissa and Doug branded loveliness. She doesn’t give a flying hoot about it. Does it sing a Disney song at the loudest volume known to mankind? Does it have copious amounts of glitter that will eventually come off and go everywhere? Perfect, she will take 10!

Another one. Unwanted. Unloved. Destination – Bin!


So you’ll understand then why I am trying to minimalize Christmas and her birthday this year. That and the fact she wants Pony lessons. Last year I was to blame for the array of My Little Pony toys that covered my living room. There was literally nothing available to buy in the UK that I didn’t get her. I brought her each one of the main characters from build a bear at an eye watering price. Three separate castles for ponies sit in her room, alongside a frozen castle and a Disney princess one. How many castles can one child need?


Not that many. That’s for certain. It makes a child spoilt. I am not saying that Evie is naughty or a brat, because she isn’t. But there have been the odd few comments the last few weeks that have made me realise that she simply has too much. The ‘you never buy me anything’ one and the ‘it’s not fair’ when I said no to something in a shop. I know her age is going to have an impact; she is getting closer to 4 each day. But by me buying her everything she wants and more I am not doing any good to her. I am showing her that she will get everything she wants, and unfortunately that’s just not true. If Tom Hardy is not going to walk through my through door and do my ironing for me then she sure as hell cannot have a bloody £10 LOL surprise girl’s toy. (Sorry £10 for a toy I can’t even see in some little stupid ball. Methinks not.)

£10 each. Think again Kiddo!

A very good friend recently had to tell me to stop when I was talking about the toys I was hoping to buy Evie again this year. She made me snap out of my bubble and realise that I was on a slippery slope to having another OTT Xmas and Bday. I have massively scaled myself back and probably have one 4 small stocking fillers brought so far and 2 bigger ones. This time last year I had 2 black bags full. I will still probably buy more than others deem is acceptable. But what I deem acceptable may well be different to you. And that’s perfectly fine. That’s how it should be.


So my goal? To buy the Ice cream truck that she dreams of, the walking talkin twilight that will give me nightmares and the seaponies she ‘must have’. And leave it at that and the bits that I already have. Because at the end of the day she knows what she will actually play with. Last year she asked for Power Ponies. Now in September the toys she plays with most? – You guessed it. And not to go crazy and then try and flog all the unwanted crap at the carboot in the summer. Again.


Until next time …




Sarah xx


6 thoughts on “Plastic Fantastic”

  1. OMG Sarah, I know what you mean. A ton of my kids’ toys are plastic…my son is heavily into LEGO. That it in and of itself speaks volumes. Don’t fret, this is just one of the many things that we as parents must endure because we just simply will do anything for our kids.

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  2. My daughter has her birthday close to Christmas too, I wish they were spread out throughout the year. We’ve reviewed the Twilight MLP and it’s pretty awesome, I imagine it will be at the top of every little girls’ wishlist!

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