I’ll Raise me up!

It has been pointed out by a few people that my posts have been a bit miserable. Like I don’t really enjoy this parenting game. So I thought I would do a little post about why I LOVE being a mom and how, when I really think about it, I’m not the worst mama in the world either.

As people who know me in real life already know, and from the jist of my previous posts, you may now realise that my girl is my world. I really do love the actual bones of her, even when its 5:30am on a Sunday morning and she wants me to wake up so we can go downstairs and watch Shimmer and Shine. Or Teen Titans Go …  Or anything loud and vivid in colour ….

It’s never too early for a filter!

Even when its stupid o’clock in the morning, I do just love hanging out with my small human. I know many people find it hard to ‘play’ with their kids or they just don’t enjoy it. Maybe I just never grew up, or maybe its because I only have the one child, but I do really enjoy just getting the toys out and playing. If its not pretending to be Twilight Sparkle about to embark on a daring adventure, then I am the mama bear at her wooden zoo. I love to watch Evie’s imagination ignite and I think we both enjoy just playing along with each other.

If its not toys then its music. We both adore music and spend many hours making up silly dance routines to all her favourite songs. Mainly she gets me to act out the scenes from the My Little Pony Equestria Girls movies and we pretend and sings for hours at a time. I love it.

The floor is Lava. Obvs … 

When I have free time without Evie I genuinely miss her. Sounds daft I know but I just do not enjoy not being around her. Whilst I do miss her as a baby, she is as much my friend as my daughter the more she grows. I just hope that this is a relationship that survives through the teenage years, when it will be uncool for me to be her friend.

Of course there are times when I shout, when I’m tired and when I have simply had enough. I am only human after all. But I would like to think that these are not as often as I feel like they are on my darker days.

I want to create a childhood for Evie that she can look back on with happiness. That she remembers the mommy who ran around having a water fight with her, that sat still as she covered my face in make up, that loved going to the park and playing with her. I want her to remember this. But its not only for her. Its for me. I am already realising that these years roll by so fast. How it is September already I simply just do not know. I love looking back on our photos and remembering the fun. Because thats what our time together mainly is. Full of love, laughter and fun.

Sneaky cinema pics!

Until next time ….



16 thoughts on “I’ll Raise me up!”

  1. First I’d like to say that I love the way you write! Second, I’m 19 and my mom is still my best friend. I have so much respect for mothers, keep doing what you’re doing ★


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