When I get to sit down!

I’d like to say it’s a sudden realisation. But its not.
As I’m sitting here flicking through the recordings on the sky box it has however dawned on me that even my TV viewing choices have become a bit momish.

I’m sure I was semi cool once. Positive in fact. However I think cool would be the furthest word that anyone would describe whats before me. Let me give you a peak.

My favourite shows at the moment? ITV’s Victoria and Channel 4s (BBC may you rest in peace) Great British Bake off. Hands down, my favourite shows of all time. I can’t even pretend I am being paid to say that. I absolutely love them.

Love Island – Nah you can stick it mate. I have no interest in watching basically naked people pretending that they want to date each other. The same for big brother, I just cannot stand it. Soaps do not interest me either, I can’t say I have watched them since I lived at my parents home to be honest. I couldn’t even begin to tell you the cast of Eastenders anymore.

I couldn’t give a shit.

But Bake Off? I could go on about that for hours. Like how I am loving the duo of Noel and Sandi. They may never fully replaced Mel and Sue but I don’t think they are trying to. They are great in their own rights. I love Paul and Pru, their dynamic is fabulous! I think the challenge of a working board game for biscuit week was inspired and I love how the tasks are challenging from the off this year, as previous years I have found it a bit dull to get into.

I want to live in the tent!

With Victoria, it has everything I like in a programme. Its to do with the monarchy and British history, all of which I love. It also helps that I think I have fallen a little bit in love with Prince Albert and Lord M. Yes I know, both. I refuse to choose, and you cannot make me. I love the costume designs, the music and the drama. I love watching the relationship between Mr Francatelli and Ms Skerret and hope they become closer again this series.

I’m a little obsessed with this programme!


I’m also enjoying the Queens struggle to find a balance between her duty to her kingdom and the demands of motherhood. I will not pretend that I am on par with a Queen, but I know where she is coming from! Being a working mama is hard!

All in all, I’m a nerd. I may not like to watch what most others my age do but I blooming enjoy what I do watch. And to be honest, anything that isn’t Shimmer and Shine and My Little Pony is always a bonus!


Until next time


Sarah xx


6 thoughts on “When I get to sit down!”

  1. Haha, that last comment is something I can completely relate to! 😀 I think I’ve seen all 7 seasons of MLP a hundred times now… My daughter loves it… So it is really nice when my OH and I get to sit down and watch our own shows. 😀

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  2. Not fond of Victoria. Lol I like bake off just don’t watch it that often lol Im more Ambulance on BBC 1, educating Manchester & Geordie shore. But like you said anything but paw patrol or teen titans go is a bonus lol x

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    1. Teen titans go is Evie’s new one, so I’m enjoying that at the moment. I can’t bare anything like geordie shore but I have been known to grab an episode of educating manchester before!


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