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The ‘Mothers’ handbook

I sometimes wonder is it just me? Or more to the point, is it just our house that is affected by this. Maybe this is simply just the norm, or an unspoken rule that is just accepted by society?

What on earth am I on about? Oh you know, the way that when you become a mom you also become the manager of the home. The one who thinks about things that no one else thinks of. Like do we need more washing powder / dishwasher tablets / toothpaste.The one who has to compile a shopping list. The person who arranges childcare and doctors appointments. The sole person who takes responsibility for all the boring tasks. Like these for instance …

Too true!

It seems in this household the manthing and small human have a condition where they cannot see that the toilet roll needs changing. Or if they do change it, apparently no one else knows where the bin is located to throw the cardboard bugger away. INSERT ACTUAL RAGE HERE.

Other gripes are how no one knows how to load a dishwasher or empty it. I shall give Evie a pass card on this because she is three. Though I’m attempting to train her to take her plate into the kitchen each night. Progress is slow but I’m hopeful that by age 18 she may master it.

Bane of my bloody life!

Other ‘mom’ roles seem to be the fact that once you have pushed a baby out, it means you develop the innate knowledge of how to pack all the things a family needs to go on holiday. And you are expected to not forget shit all. Yeah thats a fun one. Also it seems all mothers are the only ones who know the location of the kids clothes. I have spoken to so many friends about this, and I am assured that i am not the only one who gets the kiddies clothes out when Daddy is dressing them. I’m lucky it seems that Matt has a sense of style and can be allowed to pick outfits, which is apparently not true for all fathers! Silver linings and all that.

Thats not to say that there is some things that I simply don’t do. I don’t empty the water from the tumble dryer because the plastic material makes me heave (no, I don’t bloody know why but it does!). I don’t peal potatoes or veg because I also seem to loose skin in the progress. I am not allowed to fiddle around with anything electrical because I break them and I am notorious for ‘tidying’ away shit and forgetting where I have put them. This one causes a row weekly. My Bad! Matt is mainly in charge of the weekly sunday dinner, because he made the rookie mistake of showing he was good at it. I mean granted, he uses every single utensil and pot going but damn its tasty.


I do wonder if this is normal or just our home. I mean in a way it works, we are in sync with it now. For example when I walk in the bathroom and see an empty toilet roll holder, I loose my shit and make a big fuss of throwing it in the bin. It’s now annoyingly our norm. A facade I can’t see ending soon. Ah well, there’s worse that could happen I suppose!


Until next time


Sarah xx


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