My top 5…

So I asked a couple of people about ideas of what they would like me to natter on about. Someone mentioned doing a haul blog, but that means spending money and well, anyone who knows me knows that unless it was a haul about tat I have brought from home bargains, my collection of a million scented candles or like anything I buy Evie, it would be rather boring as I’m a bit tight.

A suggestion that I liked however was some of my ‘top 5s’. Sometimes some of the best things I have brought / read/ eaten / seen have been through recommendations. So here we go! I thought the best thing to start off with is my top 5 books! You don’t get the nickname slsbookworm without reading a few books you know! So here we go …

1. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte


Hands down my favourite book of all time. I am obsessed with it. I love the absolute mind f**k of a relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff. I love to hate Edgar even though all he ever did was love Cathy. I love reading about the decline into madness and the way whole lives can be affected by the love of one person. Amazing, perfection and well worth a read if you haven’t done so yet!

2. The Lovely Bones – Alice Seabold


I have recommended this book for years and years. Its one of the few books that I can read time and time again. Its a lot darker than you are led to believe and follows the murder of Susie Salmon. It leads to a tale of horror and normality which is just beautifully written. I cry, I laugh and and I fall in love every single time I read it. Grab a copy, you will not regret it!

3. Happy Mum Happy Baby –  Giovanna Flecther


This may have only come out this year but I have read this book from cover to cover at least 5 times since I got it. I adore the Fletcher family, and not just because of my unhealthy obsession with McFly. I think for a ‘celebrity’ family they are so down to earth and it was fantastic to read about worries and situations that I have found myself within. Gi has also now started a podcast which is also ace. Check her out!

4. Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling


Look these books need no explanation. I am a massive potterhead and I love each and every book. My personal fav is the The Prisoner of Azkaban, because I loved watching the relationship between Harry and Sirius. I would say that these books need to take all the credit for the beginning of my love of reading.

5. The Bad Mother’s Handbook – Kate Long. 


This is not a parenting book. This is not a mom whining about how she is ‘bad’. This right here, is awesome. It follows three generations in one family, a soon to be young mom, her mother who is stuck in a rut and at the end of her tether and her own mom who is slowly loosing her mind but her past memories are crisp and sharp. Its life in all stages and it is perfect in every way. You can pick up a secondhand copy of this super cheap. Trust me, give it a go.

Well there we go. My top 5 books to give a go. Let me know what you think, whether you have read any of these or anything you can recommend to me!

Until next time …


Sarah xx


10 thoughts on “My top 5…”

  1. I love books too!!!! Have just gotten onto using audible which has helped me ‘read’ more these days as a busy mum, but there is nothing like an actual book thats for sure ! …. PS Harry Potter is my top pick have a whole box set and love!!!

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