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Kids Tv is driving me mad!

The random thoughts I have had during kids tv:


  • I think I fancy Mr Bloom. Actually I know I do. Especially with the hairstyle in the Cbeebies Peter Pan Christmas Panto. But even when he is pratting around with his terrible Northern accent I like watching him a bit too much. I wonder if he knows there are tonnes of moms up and down the country that fancy him?


  • Lets talk about Bing. Where are Bing’s parents? Flop can’t be his dad, flop is a teddy. And why is Bing so whiney? How does Flop stay so bloody calm. Whatever drugs he is taking he really needs to start sharing them. It’s not kind to keep them to yourself Flop!


  • Was In the Night Garden conceived after a heavy night on Acid? Because nothing is ever the same size, there is clear acts of segregation going on with The Pontipines against the poor Wottingers. Iggle Piggle could do with a visit from supernanny because he needs to learn the meaning of bedtime.


  • Shimmer and Shine. I have so many questions with this one. Why is they are genie twin sisters can they not have 6 wishes between them? Twins are two separate people after all. How come Nazboo can speak but Tala and Nahal can’t? Why does the animation style change between series 1 and 2 and how does my child not notice this?


  • Right, what the hell have they done to Postman Pat. He now has a bloody helicopter but my postie can’t even get a parcel to me on the right day! Also seen when was a postman required to do an emergency job in the middle of the night. Poor Pat.


  • Teen Titans. Please stop playing the blooming pee pee dance episode. It’s driving me insane and I can’t take humming the blooming the song to myself all day at work!



I think I need to get out more!


Until next time …


Sarah xx


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