I’m jealous of my three year old.



Yeah you read that right. I’m jealous of my three year old. She has it absolutely made if truth be told and I would go back to being three in a heartbeat. Why? Well there are a million reasons!



She gets to believe in the magic of everything. Santa? Totes real, and he is awesome. Whenever I say I will call him (yes I am that bad momma who does!) she is genuinely concerned that he will not think she is behaving. She believes in the tooth fairy, and fairies in general. That they magical created the beautiful fairy garden that appeared outside when really it was her awesome Nanny. She believed me when I said that twilight sparkle grew her vegetables and she hurriedly ate them all up when a Nano second before they were yucky!

Being little means she can wear a cape to a bike riding lesson. Obvs.


She gets to wear some awesome outfits. Firstly all the cool dress up items, of which she has at least 20 different princesses. You also get to pull off stripy tights with a tutu, fairy wings and a batman mask. And everything just thinks it’s adorable. If I was to do that I think I would get locked away!


She has a much better social life than me. My social life is actually revolved around hers. A one point this year every Saturday was booked up for 6 weeks running because she had birthday parties to attend. Jammy mare.

You sleep where you drop babe!



Everyone is her best friend. She literally only has to speak to someone and boom, hook line and sinker they has them under her spell. She is adorable and awesome and everyone just falls for her. And then does whatever she says! Doesn’t matter if mommy says she already has a light up flashy wand, she will suddenly appear from the shop with another one brought by her nanny/granddad/auntie/uncle. And she has this smug smile on her face like nar nar I got it anyway.

Mommy said no she doesn’t need an overpriced snow cone. Nanny brought the snow cone -Mommy got smug face. 

And that’s how she gets all the freebies! The lovely little old lady over the road gives her a milky way every time she walks past the house. My mom’s neighbour always pops a £1 in her hand when she sees her. We were on holiday and collected token off the 2p machines, and her 500 tokens basically got her 1 lollypop. Oh no. Not Evie, he just thrust a load of sweets in her hand when she fluttered her eyelashes. She has her all her grandparents whipped and they get her most things she wants. If it has a pony on it, you can be sure she will get it.

She gets ferried around everywhere! When she can’t be bothered to walk, she just hopes on someone’s back and gets carried around like an Egyptian goddess. She literally had my friend fan her and feed her grapes in the summer. Madness.


Being fed grapes by her ‘minion’.

So yes, I am jealous of my three year old. Now, someone fetch me a drink, peel my chicken nugget for me and run me a bath. I said Now!


Until next time…


Sarah xx



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