Sunday Funday ..

I love Sundays. Boring I know, as most 20 something’s live for Saturday but I really do love Sundays. Saturday to me is my job day. The day where I run around and try and get everything done that I couldn’t during the week. So Sunday is my day of rest. Well as much rest as it possible with a three year old.


I used to hate them as a child. They were filled with staying at home, chilling out and Sunday Dinners. All of which I hated. Now my Sundays are filled with staying at home, chilling out and well … Sunday Dinners. All of which I now adore. Sundays in the aututm and winter are by far the best. I love the relaxed feeling of a Sunday at home. The get up and spend a lazy few hours in our PJS. A nice bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee whilst Evie is watching cartoons. Leisurely pottering around the house and doing things more at my pace, whilst Matt cooks a Sunday dinner (the one meal he actually loves to cook). I like to have a quick clean around on the mornings so that then the day is free from chores. Then pop on a nice candle and enjoy the day.

Sleepy Sunday naps


I also do love Sundays in the summer where we would go off to a park or a fun day with our picnics in hand. Evie would play for hours and we would enjoy watching her and seeing her having so much fun. Its bliss and we make the most of the summer months but nothing beats this time of year. When the central heating needs knocking on and a warm blanket on the sofa is just what everyone is after. Its the time of year when there is always biscuits in the cupboard with the hot chocolate.


There is always that point though, around 5pm when it dawns on you that tomorrow is Monday. The rubbish dread feeling starts to appear and I often sit there and wonder where the weekend has ran away from me to. I try not to dwell too much on it but it is always there.


The best part though is the evening. When Evie is bathed and ready for bed and we go upstairs and cuddle with a book. She is becoming so much like me, in that she loves stories and her imagination is fabulous. Sometimes the little things are the best. Whilst days out to theme parks and cinema trips are lovely, a home day will always do you good.


Until next time



Sarah xx


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