So at the weekend, we ventured out. Outside, I know. What’s more shocking is that it was a Sunday. Haahaa.

A few months ago I saw an advert on facebook for the Edgbaston Tricentenary over at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It was advertised as free, so of course I went  straight in on that one. It promised music, craft activities, demonstrations and best of all – CAKE! So I popped our names down for tickets and thought nothing more of it. Until the middle of last week when my phone pinged with the reminder that it was this weekend. Perfect, I thought, its meant to rain this weekend and I’ll be soaked, but it was free so I convinced Matt to come with us and have a day out.


Well we woke up to clear skies on Sunday, and with our picnic packed we were on our way! And I have to say, I am so glad we did because the whole day was absolutely fab. As we walked in through the entrance we were greeted with the sounds of an awesome live Jazz band and the delish smells of the yummy food that was on offer. Evie ran off straight away to go and dance and we took in the sights before us. I honestly didn’t believe it would be that busy but it was packed.

We stopped off at the Boston Tea Party tent first. Matt and I have loved this chain for a while now so we knew we’d be in for a treat. We shared one of the best cappuccinos I have had in a long time and Evie was overjoyed to see they were selling fresh carrot cake. The woman was dumfounded that she wanted it over chocolate but she proclaimed it was ‘her most favourite cake ever’ and well who can argue with that. I have trained her well, it is hands down my fav too!

We sat in front of the bandstand and listened to the live performances and decided to munch on our picnic before we went and explored. I had been on enough picnics this summer to know that there was no way Evie was going to eat a sandwich and so she sat there eating slices of ham and grapes. As you do.

Then we decided to go and have a venture found all the stalls to see what was on offer. We found ourselves within a tent full of beautiful items for sale, from handmade bath goodies, cakes, clothing and posh chocs. Everything looked awesome and to be honest I could have quite easily spent a lot of money!

There was a baking competition and so we had a look at those and they all looked awesome. Evie was especially taken by one that had a massive fondant rainbow on it, and I had to practically drag her away from it before she took a massive handful.

We continued to walk around the gardens and stumbled across our friends who ran the playgroup at the church next to our house (see our summer holidays blog!) and Evie was so excited to see Andrew and Sarah who run it. They were there with their daughters and their friend and we were all treated to some beautiful music played by them. It was a beautiful surprise and Evie is now super excited for half term to go back to playgroup and see them all again.

From there we walked round and found a vintage Punch and Judy performance was about to begin, and so Evie popped herself down to watch. I was a bit weary about this, as the last time we saw one of these I found it quite racist with the accents and I didn’t really want to sit through that. However I was completely wrong, the gentleman performing was fabulous, witty and sarcastic in all the right places and even had the adults in stitches.

Evie then saw a group of ballerina’s and so we of course had to run over and see what was going on. They were from the Elmhurst Ballet School, who I had heard of before, very prestigious and I was so worried that Evie would get chocolate all over their beautiful costumes. However the girls there were adorable, they danced with all the kids and were playing around with them. Evie was besotted by it all, and now wants to be a ballerina. Again.

The day was fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was a very fun filled day and Evie had an actual nap afterwards due to it all!

Until next time …


Sarah xximg_1924.jpg



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