All I want for Christmas ..

Peace and quiet? Haha I wish. Every year I ask for that and I never get it, so I’m striking that right off my list.

With my Birthday (Bonfire night … and all those who were wondering where the name BonfireMom came from you now have your answer!) and Christmas appearing from over the horizon I thought I would do a post of things I want. Not need, not for the house and not things that will benefit anything else, because I have realised that’s what I have been picking since I became a mom. This year I plan on being a little bit more selfish and asking for bits I would enjoy for me!


Well that’s the plan anyway unless the vacuum blows up.

 Before I start I want to say I have not been paid nor sponsored to write this post. My views below are my own and I have chosen each item under my own will. 

  1.  I really want a new tattoo. One that represents Evie and I. At first thought I was just going to get her name but I realised that wasn’t really what I wanted. I have found the perfect idea (which I will share once I get it done). I have looked around at a number of tattoo studios but I have set my heart on Vivid Ink Sutton Coldfield – I haven’t seen a single tattoo come out of there that has looked bad and I know many people who have personally been there. They do gift vouchers and I have asked most of my family for a little bit of money towards it. This will be my second tattoo, my first one being done a month after my 18th Birthday so I a little nervous but very excited! Check out some of their work over on Instagram!


  2. I have been following the most amazing brand on Instagram called mermaidsanddinosaurs and I have fallen utterly in love with all of Michelle’s creations! I have finally decided on a rose gold initial necklace with an E for Evie that I have decided is a must. Its stunning and there is the option for a longer chain, which I prefer. So this will most defo be on my list. She makes amazing handmade jewellery so go and check out her shop here.


  3. This next one my lovely mom actually brought me last year, but I would love to go on another spa day. I totally enjoyed myself last time and it was a much need treat, espically as I went during Feb Half Term so the timing was perfect! I have been having withdrawals ever since I went and really want to have another chilled day!


  4. Right I am about to whine here. The Harry Potter studios opened in 2012. It is 2017. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN YET. I am utterly desperate to go and see the studio tour. I have wanted to go for so long. Matt was going to take me for my 21st but I was super duper preggo and didn’t want to go. Every year since he has planned to take me but it has not happened. I already know it isn’t happening again this year because it hasn’t gone to plan again but WAAAAAAAH I want. Pwease. Anyone? #I’llfeckingtakemyself.


  5. Now it is time to be really lame. And momlike. But …MY SCENTED CANDLE COLLECTION IS RUNNING LOW. So I am after candles. Even though I am rather fussy and weird (I don’t like vanilla!). My favs are the Yankee Candle Wedding Day, Snowflake Cookies and Baby Powder. I love the woodwick candles too, just anything that smells fresh and clean and its a hit with me. Matt is quite good at ensuring I get these!


  6. Other things I like to collect are the willow tree figures. I do have a lot of them and therefore I know a lot of people do not like buying them for me as they are worried about duplicating them but I would love to add the Irish Charm one to my collection. I used to do Irish dancing as a child and think its so lovely!


So thats most of what I want. I’m sure I have asked for other things but these are the actual bits I would like. That and a night free from cooking and cleaning! So, if anyone see’s Matt around …. HINT!


Until next time …


Sarah xx


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