The meltdowns…


There is something quite amazing about being a pre schooler (I have finally admitted that she is no longer a toddler … insert the sounds of my broken heart here).  As you may have read before I am actually kind of jealous of my three year old.


However sometimes I would like to go into her mind and try and understand the absolute world crashing meltdowns that happen for no apparent real reason.

Like these …


The ‘ I don’t want to dance at my expensive dance lesson’.
  1. The ‘I don’t want to wear my school shoes’ meltdown because I tell her that like up, glitter covered trainers aren’t quite what matches the school uniform requirements.
  2. The ‘I am not tired’ fit when she is shattered and wont give in.
  3. My personal fav, the ‘How dare you wake me up from the nap I did not want’. This is an Evie specialty, as it takes her a full half an hour before she is able to calm back down again. Fun.
  4. The ‘I am starving but I no longer like this meal’. Normally a meal she has happily eaten a million times before but now suddenly Pasta is yucky.
  5. The ‘ I have just broken one of my fav toys’. This happens the most when I tell her not to do something because it will breaks, and well, mama is always right kiddo.
  6. One of our newest ones, The ‘I cannot possibly be expected to wipe my own bum’. Yeah, she is not enjoying that part of growing up. Apparently it’s stinky and dirty, so that makes is a mommy job. Cheers.
  7. Finally The ‘I’ve misbehaved and now mommy is saying she will call Santa’ fit. This one is happening a lot at the moment.

I, of course, understand that all children have meltdowns. Not even asking for them to stop, but one day I will forget all these funny quirks and they will be replaced by ‘I hate you’ and ‘You don’t understand me’, and I am sure I will look back on these fondly. But for now, I am left marveling at how easy it is to ruin a 3 year olds day by making her wear her school shoes. Which she picked, so tough luck kiddo.

The ‘Evie strop signature move’.

Until next time …



Sarah xx


2 thoughts on “The meltdowns…”

  1. Ah those days that I fondly remember. I too had to endure that with my children but mind you, they were always in public with a flock of people all giving me that “How are you going to handle that? I wouldn’t want to be you right now!” look. All I can say is endure it and enjoy it for what it’s worth because they’ll soon quickly grow out of it and your on to the next phase of there tantrums.

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