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Friday night!

Ah Friday night. That feeling of elation that there is no work tomorrow, and the weekend is upon you. The freedom to do whatever you please. Pahaa. Friday nights in mommatown are just another night. But what happens when you get a rare night off from being Mommy and Daddy and you get to go out … and explore!


We are very lucky that my parents have Evie when we want to have a night out. This is usually for our birthdays, and little events we fancy going to or any shows we have booked tickets for. Evie has her own room at theirs and is normally well behaved, goes to bed and only occasionally wakes my mom up by standing next to her face to face. However this is obviously not every weekend, and so when we get to go out it is always something we look forward to. So what happens on a child free night out?


Well the build up is always more fun then the actual event, (And I am keeping this clean so rid your minds of filth now. My mother has access to this blog!). I spend the days running up to the night out excitedly looking at places to eat, films on at the cinema and have great ideas in my head. Yes, I think, clubbing seems amazing. Lets try a new bar, and we are totally staying out past midnight. Huzzah! I mean you will end up at the Birmingham Mailbox like you always do but sssssh now!

Date night central!


You can bet your backside the day at work before a child free night is shit. Everything will go to pot and you will leave at 4:30pm with a blazing headache and a foul rage burning inside of you. To be honest you’d rather do fecking anything then go out tonight but it’s the flipping principal of it and you fight on. The small human will be an ass when getting ready. She will not like the PJs that you have packed, she simply must take 16583 soft toys and how dare you even suggest that nanny owns a bed sheet and she cannot tale her pony one. Fuck sake.


You drop the small human off and try and run out the door as you have 2 hours before your table reservation and god dammit you will put on make up and straighten the birds nest you call hair. Child has other options and is being a norse. You escape and then have an instant pang of guilt that you have abandoned your child. Then you remember you’re about to eat hot food and TA RAA KID.


You rush home, have the world’s quickest shower and begin getting ready. Manthing will still be sat playing on the XBOX where you left him before you dropped off the small human and you are wondering if he has unloaded the dishwasher and popped a load of washing in the machine. I mean of course he hasn’t but he could have done. You stop yourself from getting annoyed, determined to enjoy your evening off. You manage to find an outfit to wear and you are good to go. You shout at manthing to get ready, and whilst he does that you unload the pigging dishwaher yourself. You also have a quick tidy up whilst waiting and then you are all ready for the off.


Sitting down to eat you realise how absolutely tired you are. You check your phone a million times just encase something has happened to the small human. Your tights feel uncomfortable and you miss your trusty black leggings. After 30mins you start to relax and realise that whilst manthing is a pain in the arse you actually do enjoy his company. You spend the time laughing at daft things the small human has done and just having a good catch up, because whilst you may live together you rarely have time to just chat.


The clock strikes 10pm and all fantasies of going out drinking cocktails all night long are gone. You’ve had half a bottle a of wine and are feeling pretty smashed to be truthful and you are actually longing for your bed. Then manthing says the magic words “Shall we go home now”. You double check that he means to sleep and are relived when he shares that thought!


Getting back you jump into bed and are asleep before your head hits the pillow. With a face full of make up on. It may be a million miles away from the Friday nights of past, but it isn’t that bad at all!


Until next time …


Sarah xx


1 thought on “Friday night!”

  1. Ah yes, it never goes as expected. We tend to talk about or worry about our child even when we know he or she is safe. It’s just one of the many things we will forever endure as a parent no matter what. Great read!


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