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Confessions of a mom who is tired!

Man what a long ass week. Sometimes I feel as though work takes over my life and some evenings I sit there and feel like I have barely seen Evie. Some nights I go to bed as soon as I have put Evie in hers and I don’t even see Matt. This can go on for days on end, and before I know it the weekend is upon us, the washing basket is overfilled and the place looks like a bomb has gone off, all because I have been so damned tired.


I walk in the door after work and Evie has been known to be plonked in front of the TV whilst I try and regain some order in our home. I have popped nuggets and chips in the oven for tea and served it thinking this should be a homemade meal packed full of veg. There have even been times when Evie is really doing my nut in, and I have plonked her backside in bed without dragging a brush through her hair or a story before she sleeps. Of course I feel guilty but some nights the time has simply ran out and she is fully asleep in the car and she gets put to bed as she is.


Often I read articles that would suggest that what I have said above makes me a bad mom. And on occasion I laugh it off with how ridiculous that sounds. But most of the time it hurts. We are all so focused on what we do wrong in life that we don’t focus on the good. Like the hundreds of nights we have nailed a perfect bedtime routine with a bath, book and bed all before 7:30pm and the majority of nights where I have cooked her a freshly made meal from scratch.
We are so quick to judge each other its untrue. ‘I wouldn’t let my child have a slush puppie’ … ‘my child never eats processed food’ …. ‘No child of mine will watch cartoons’. I know all my friends who are moms will have heard someone or another spout these lines and feel that pang of guilt when then realise that their child has done all of these things and more.


We need solidarity in numbers. Mama’s sticking up for one another and being the ones who say It’s Okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to be tired and its okay when you simply cannot be arsed. We are all human, not robots who never need rest. Lets stick up for one another, and when we hear the mom bashing we should be sticking a big two finger salute to the direction it came from.


Being a tired mama is normal. One day we sleep through the night because our babies aren’t babies anymore. Who gives a crap how we do it, we do the best for our own.


Until next time …


Sarah xx


1 thought on “Confessions of a mom who is tired!”

  1. Love the post Sarah. Don’t fret it too much. There are going to be “lots” of days when you are just too tired to do the things you would normally do with your child. And that’s okay, you’re not a bad parent…you’re only human. Don’t take away from all the other times you spent with Evie and all those precious moments you shared. I’ve had days like that too but as parents, we hunker down and do the best we can…we live and learn and improve on our parenting skills.

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