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Dear Cleaning Fairy

To whom it may concern,


I am worried and awfully concerned. It seems that the cleaning fairy who is assigned to my address is lost. Or dead? I am unsure of which though I am going to assume the latter seeing as the bugger has never actually turned up.


You see, I assume she exists, because the occupants of my home certainly believe she does. They leave their shit where ever they so please, and when they come back they marvel at how it has been tidied away. Dirty socks that get left in two different rooms are magically washed and paired, lovingly placed back in their clothes drawer. Beds that are crumbled and messy are clean and changed, folded away. The bathroom towel that they used in the morning is replaced by the evening. Mystical.


The family also think the cleaning fairy replenishes all the food they consume, sorts the dishwasher and bleaches the kitchen, She cleans the playroom, cuts the grass and empties the bins. She sounds awesome, doesn’t she?


Well, that’s where the bloody issues lie. WHERE IS SHE? Because whilst she is slacking off or lying in a ditch, I am doing all her blooming work. Its really not on and I am beginning to start to feel a bit disgruntled by it all. I want to take my bra off and leave it on the living room floor and come back and its been popped in the washing machine. I want to leave my breakfast bowl on the table and come back to see it cleaned and put away. And why is it when I eat the last of the chocolate, I found it has not been replaced by the next evening.


If I am honest its bloody criminal.


Pissed of Regards


A overworked Mama!


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