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Autumn Feels

I absolutely love this time of the year, The night grow darker, the leaves changing colour and just knowing that this is the time when our family has the majority of their birthdays coming up, including mine on Bonfire night (that’s where the name comes from haha). It’s a lovely time full of walks in the park, rainy film days and fun times.

This weekend Evie was set some homework from school to go on an autumn walk to collect things that show the changing of the seasons. She was super excited to do this, and couldn’t stop telling people about what she had learnt, from the fact that animals hibernate and that hedgehogs roll up into tiny little balls. She was telling us all about how the tress change colour and why the leaves come off. I loved hearing her get so excited about learning something new, and its fab to know that she is enjoying school and learning!.


So Sunday afternoon we popped over to Nanny’s house and went on a walk. We found loads of fab things, like giant multicoloured leaves, conkers, pinecones and pine needles that had fallen off and turned brown. We found lavender that had dried and gone crisp, but it still smelt lovely.


Evie enjoying running through all the leaves on the ground and making them grown crunch, and then lying down in them! It shows that you don’t always need fancy gadgets and toys, sometimes a nice walk through the lakes is just as exciting.


We took some bread for the geese and swans as we always do, and it was a lovely end to a somewhat hectic weekend. We shall defo be going on more Sunday evening walks, because she came home ready for bed, result!



Until next time …



Sarah xx


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