The big toy debate.

Ah this might end up being an awkward one. So many people have such strong viewpoints on what is right and wrong / good or bad with children and their toys that it can evoke some strong emotions. But this is just my two pence on it all.

Some people believe that children should never play with plastic brightly coloured toys, loud toys that sing songs or branded toys. That kids should have the childhood of old, and play with wooden toys that have a solely educational purpose.

download (1)
We still have these, though most are gathering dust in the playroom.

I am a bit torn with this viewpoint. I have been known to buy Evie wooden toys, and seeing them as somewhat superior to plastic ones. And the honest reasoning behind that is because it seemed to be what the ‘on trend’ parents were doing. I thought that Evie had to have Melissa and Doug toys and that she must have a Grimm’s rainbow. Truth is, I brought them and she wasn’t really interested in them at all. I wanted her to have all the ‘top’ things, and I brought her Sophie La Girafe at £13 for a rubber chew toy, because everyone else had one. To be fair, she actually did like that one but she didn’t like many of the other things I thought she ‘had’ to have.


Evie didn’t do any of this. She just managed to loose most of it.

I brought the gender-neutral toys, to try and aline with the girls can play with dinosaurs and boys can play with Barbie argument. And whilst she still has a few dinosaurs and cars, she simply prefers Ponies and Barbie’s. That is just Evie. She likes dressing up as a fairy with a tiara and pink feather bower. She enjoys playing with her baby dolls and she is completely obsessed with My Little Pony.


A toy kitchen is a toy kitchen. We both cook in our house and I don’t see it as promoting that women should ‘get in the kitchen’.

Sometimes I hear her say something is just for boys and I try to explain to her that is not the case. Like the other day, Thomas the Tank engine came on the TV and she said mommy turn that off I want to watch a girls programme. I explained to her it is for girls and boys but to be honest there is only so much that a 3 year old can grasp of that, and well to be frank she didn’t give a crap, she wanted my little pony. But on the flip side she loves Star Wars and Teen Titans, which are seen as though they are geared more towards boys. And that’s not just me saying that. You go and have a look in your local toys shop and you will find both the Star Wars and Teen Titans toys with the cars, Pokémon and nerf gun toys. You will not find them with the Barbie Dolls, Hatchimals or Disney Princesses. So when my child goes to find the Ponies that she loves, and then looks around to see all the other toys around them, she will then want those as well, as they are all related.


I think what I am trying to get at, is that we are all so concerned with choosing toys for our kids that will make society happy instead of just simply choosing stuff that our actual children want. Evie liked Frozen, I brought her Frozen. She isn’t bothered by it anymore, so I don’t buy it anymore. The same with minions, doc mcstuffins and sofia the first. She likes Ponies now, and one day she will not. It is just how it works. Personally, I am just going to buy her what she likes, be it a doll, a colouring set, football goalposts or a science kit. I do not care, and I think others could do with a similar mindset!



Until next time …



Sarah xx



3 thoughts on “The big toy debate.”

  1. So true, I try to go with what they like. My eldest loves to play with dolls, I really did not as a kid and often can hear myself talking her our of that choice. I have to stop myself, because they know their own minds and want want they want to play with, regadless how us daft adults have labelled it!


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