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I’m such a mom it hurts!

I have read a tonne of blogs about people saying that they were once cool and trendy before they had their children. That they would go out for brunch and sip mimosas at the mailbox, or would go out on spontaneous days out. I never really did any of those things to be honest with you. I went from being a full time university student with a job and a shitty studio flat to a mom with a house and a new born. Okay so there was a space from July-Nov of being Prego where I was back in my single bed at my parents house, desperately trying to find a house, but the less said about that the better!


What I am trying to get at is that I have never been cool. Never done anything especially exciting or different. I have been to a few festivals, a million gigs and got way too drunk numerous times but apart from that I think I have always been a bit ‘mumsy’. Now there are no issues with that, none at all. But everyone always says that when you become a mom you change, so how have I changed. Have I even changed? Well obviously I have, but not in ways most would expect. So whilst I haven’t traded in the mimosas and the subscription to vogue magazine, I have still picked up some ‘proper’ mommy habits that I would never of dreamed of before the small human took over my world. Here are a few.
The next sale

One Christmas, just after I turned 16 I worked for Argos at the weekends. And I vividly remember having to come into work early on Boxing Day, and say a massive queue half way around the Bullring of people queuing up for the next sale. I could not fathom it, and spent the day with my other young colleagues taking the piss out of them. Joking that there was no way I would be seen dead doing such stupidness. Fast-forward 6 years and I am all over the next sale. Whilst I still hate the idea of getting up stupid early and lining up outside of next, I have been known to be there around 7am. Because when you have a baby 7am is late in the day mate. I would excitedly grab whatever I could get my hands on because dammit kids are expensive, next is expensive and my sleep addled mind needs to justify being here. The first year I brought clothes that are only starting to fit Evie now. The amount of stuff I brought, hid under the cot so Matt didn’t find out, and subsequently forgot about until Evie no longer fitted in it is redonk and I am happy to say that I am in Next Sale Remission and haven’t been to one ALL YEAR!

PM1861078@BRITAIN -Boxing D
Actual next sale queue from Boxing Day from the Birmingham Mail. Insane!

NCT Preloved events.

These things are the shiz. It’s where other people sell the baby stuff they have barely used, and you get to buy it for cheap as because they just want it out of their house! Its fantastic. Pre Evie I would have turned my nose up to anything second hand. I thought it was grim. Now I think its awesome, because most people do the same as me, which is buy more clothes than a child could possibly get through and then have to sell them on for a loss when they have been barely used or still have tags on. Now I have sold my crap at many of these events, however I have also picked up some bargains. A fisherprice jumperoo for £15, that was so new it still had the plastic wrap on the legs. A Ted Baker dress with the tags on for £2. More next clothes than I could carry for £2. I once brought a black bag full of fancy dress outfits when Evie was 6 months for £5. Everyone thought I was insane, as they were for aged 4 and up. Well they are now her pride and joy, and at £6 each in the shop I got my 20 Disney store dresses for a bargain! As she gets older, I am finding less and less for her, though me and a friend went to one at the beginning of the month and I managed to get Evie some £70 horse riding boots for £3 so I was buzzing.

Why spend £100 on a baby swing when you can pick up a barely used one for £20?!

Receiving gifts you do not like.

Oh this might sound weird, but you know when random family/friends buy you something strange and you are like well what do I do with this now? I shall tell you what you do with it; you get yourself a box and pop it under your bed. This is now your gift box. Whenever you get a smelly set that is gonna break you out in hives, a random set of tea towels or some novelty crap you just are not into, pop it in the box. And then when you here that there’s a teacher to buy for, a birthday you forgot or a random co-worker who is retiring you do not have to panic. You have a box full of gifts waiting to go! I now do this with whenever Evie gets a duplicate gift, instead of trying to return it with no idea of where to start, pop it in the gift box for when you wake up on a Saturday morning and realise you have a party to go to in less than 2 hours. If you are really clever you also pop to the card factory and buy 10 generic birthday cards for £1. Also keep and reuse your gift bags. I am sure one gift bag has been doing the rounds between me and my mom for a good few years now!


Coffee Shops


Now I have always enjoyed coffee. It is like a sweet elixir that lights up my life. Dramatic but bloody true. However I used to hate coffee shops as I thought it was fully of posh yummy mummies, bloggers and businessmen. Yes, the irony of that sentence is not lost on me. But it is all oh so true! I hated the places with a passion. However after the birth of the small human I adored them. They were a magical place where I could go with a napping baby, drink HOT coffee and eat a big old slab of cake and sit on my bum and relax. To be frank, I spent way to many days in a coffee shop and it is probably why I didn’t come out of my maternity leggings for a long ass time. And why my ass has grown too, no doubt! I have now trained the small human to want to go into coffee shops and get a babycino, and well who can say no to that face!


So yeah, I know I am a total mama through and through. I am so uncool, however I am at a point where I couldn’t give a toss. I would rather have cake anyway!



Until next time …


Sarah xx


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