Uni do’s and don’ts. 

Ah University. Thanks to Timehop I have been reminiscing about my uni days a lot recently. I moaned about it so much when I was there, but looking back I actually really enjoyed myself even though I found many faults with my course, but thats another blog for another day!

So I found myself thinking about what I would tell past me, what advice I would give myself, not that I would have paid a blind bit of attention to it! But here is the BonfireMom’s guide to university!

DO – Get yourself involved with as many groups, friends and societies as you can. I went to uni in the same city I lived in, however I still went into halls and moved out. And so I still felt lonely. I lived with a *mostly* nice bunch of girls and I should have made more of an effort with them. But I was still working in my previous part time job and some of my friends were still in sixth form resitting their A Levels and so I never fully emerged myself into the ‘uni life’. It is something I really regret now.

Do –  go to bar crawls. They are shit loads of fun!

DON’T – Get carried away when that first payment hits your bank account. Luckily I am really boring and so didn’t splash out on loads of crap, however many of my friends did. Everyone seemed to spend every spare moment for the first month shopping and clubbing. I was boring because I don’t really spend on me, didn’t then and don’t now. But I heard so many people begging parents for money, eating supernoodles for weeks on end and generally having a crap time because they were so poor.

DO – Budget your money. I have never been great with money, still not now to be frank. But I would work out how much money i could spend each week. I also worked so added that on too, but I knew that if I spent it, it was gone. Boring but helpful. Now for some funnier ones….

DO dress up for silly fancy dress parties

DON’T – Drink wine from the bottle with a straw. Especially cheap ass rose wine from the dodgy off license round the corner, that is 2 bottles for £4. It is never going to be good. Drinking two whole bottles will mean your hall room spins as your lie on the bed, you puke in your bin even though your room is next to the bathroom and you consider finding a religion because you are sure this is the end. The only thing that saved me was dry toast and sleeping for 2 days straight. Wasn’t fun.

193725_2001183709539_5622301_o (1)
DO pay attention, and not just sitting there making blutac snails.

DON’T – Play stupid drinking games. You are crap at them, will become paralytic and  you will end up falling asleep in a stairwell because climbing to the second floor will hurt like hell and will not be worth the effort.

DO go out and have cocktails. They are awesome!

DO – Stock up on pro plus, redbull and supernoodles. Because there will come and essay that seems simple at first look and so you will put it off and off until oh shit it is due in the next DAY. Suddenly you need to pull an all nigher and you will need these to survive, because when you get started that easy essay will not be easy. Seek solace on facebook with your other classmates who are also idiots and have done the same. Safety in numbers and all that.

DO buy actual egg cups

DO – Buy a yellow card from the local SCREAM pub. Yellow cards are more important than your student ID. I actually still have my yellow card but haven’t a clue where my old ID went. The yellow card will get you money off alcohol. Need I explain more.

Don’t cook whilst drunk. This honestly wasn’t me.

DON’T – Buy chicken and chips on the way home from a night out for £1. There is no good chicken that costs so little. You will get ill. Do not do it! I mean it!

I mean no one who is going to uni is reading this but it for some reason they are, please take note, I am speaking from experience here guys!

Actually read this, do not just doodle over it.

Until next time …

Sarah xx



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