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Half term Fun!

Hello guys. I have been a bit AWOL for the past week or so. This is due to it being half term, and I wanted to just take a week away from it all and have a bit of time as a family. And I am so glad I did, because I have come back feeling refreshed (ish) and a little bit less stressed … well kinda haha.


We have however had a lovely and busy week together as a family. Matt is a hoarder of his holidays at work and it always causes a moan from me when he looses them at the end of the year. So this time he booked off the whole week of half term to spend with us, and I am so glad he did. It’s the first week off we have had together since we went away in May half term, so it was well overdue!


So we started the half term holidays with a visit to see Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure at the Arena Birmingham with my mom. We try to go and see DOI once a year, as Evie is obsessed with it. She was very excited to wear her new sleeping beauty outfit (this was an absolute bargain find, someone was selling the complete set from Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for £10, and absolute steal compared to the nearly £85 price tag at the resort!). She looked stunning in it, and got lots of compliments. We were lucky enough to manage to get rinkside seats, and therefore we were right at the front. Whilst this was nice experience, I don’t think I would suggest sitting that close again, mainly because we were sitting right where the spotlight blooming shines! Either way Evie has a fabulous time and is still going on about it now.

Evie’s disney outfits through the years! 

The show was fabulous and we really enjoyed it. Evie loved the my little mermaid section. I hope that they do a Rapunzel/Moana/Beauty and the Beast part soon though as it would be nice to see something a bit new, as we have seen Frozen numerous times now and it can get a bit ‘samey’.



We spent the first weekend having a bit of a chill out at home, which was much needed. I had a bit of a spring clean around each room and enjoyed just watching some films together and chilling out. We rarely have time to just ‘be’ and so I really enjoyed that!


Then we had a couple of crazily busy days. We went to see My Little Pony the Movie. I think Evie nearly died with excitement and she was mesmerised. As parents, we didn’t enjoy it as much as we had thought we might, as we don’t actually mind the programme at home. However Evie thought it was amazing, she couldn’t believe that they were actually there on the big screen, she adored the seaponies, especially Princess Skystar! So on that point, it was worth every penny to see her face light up in a way that only My Little Pony can.


Pony shoes, Pony top, Pony Bow, Pony Toy, Pony Pumpkin …

I then had my tattoo done! As I mentioned in my Birthday wishes blog, I have been after a new tattoo for a while. I wanted something to represent Evie, but I didn’t just want her name and I don’t personally like portraits, so that one was off the cards. I did think of her date of birth and some footprints, but I had seen it so many times before and it wasn’t ‘right’. I wasn’t in love with it. Well, a couple of months ago I was mooching online looking for ideas when I found the perfect one. I changed a few bits from the original, and added a firework/shooting star as it was much more personal. I adore my new tattoo, its perfect in every way. I went to Vivid Ink in Sutton Coldfield, and Katie Barber did a fantastic job making my vision a reality. The service of all the staff there was impeccable and I would recommend them again and again! Go check them out!!


On Wednesday we popped alongside to the Church Playgroup that we used to go to during the summer holidays. Evie has missed it so much, and we have had a few instances where she has been a tad upset that she wasn’t able to go anymore due to being at school. She loved being back and was able to have a few hours with her old friends. It was nice too, because Matt was able to come and see playgroup, because he was working during the summer and missed it all. It is such a fabulous little playgroup. When we were there they informed us that they would be holding a fireworks display on Bonfire Night. We shall be going along, as it will be a nice end to my Birthday. I love seeing the fireworks each year but Evie hates the big displays, so it will be nice to go somewhere where she is comfortable and can enjoy herself!!


We also went to a Halloween disco with the playgroup that Evie used to attend when she was with her childminder. I think this was one of the things Evie was excited about most, as she had not seen some of them since the end of June. She had a fab time, which I think was aided y the fact that her best friend Ellie was there too. We had a little bit of a rocky start, as Ellie came with her friend Ella and I think Ella and Evie were both a little confused about how Ellie was both their friends (If you kept up with all the Ellie/Ella/Evie in that then you are better than me!!) They soon became friends though after Matt went and brought all the girls sweets and glow sticks, easily pleased and all that eh?!


Saturday we went to Kingsbury Water Park for their Halloween event. Evie is Halloween obsessed and so we tried to do as much as we could with her that was 3-year-old friendly. Donna and Clare came with us, which was great, as Evie loves them both to bits, mainly because they utterly spoil her! She wasn’t so keen on the idea of the train ride, which was a shame, however she loved running around in the dark with the flashy light toy mommy said no to :’) I had to face my own fears, seeing as the place was trawling with clowns, thanks to that bloody IT film coming back out. One even knocked on my car window when I wasn’t looking, and my god I have never wanted to scream so much in my whole life. Hate clowns so much, it actually isn’t even funny. Clare was also confronted with a lot of red balloons, which she hates as much as I hate bloody clowns, so that was fun …. Not! Evie has absolutely no fear factor I must say, as she didn’t even care that it was pitch black and very creepy when we were leaving, however I can’t say I was feeling as brave!

IMG_3078 (1)

We finished our time off together with a meal to celebrate my Grandad’s 70th Birthday. It was lovely to be able to go out for a meal with all our family together, and be able to enjoy a couple of hours together. Grandad was spoiled rotten, and rightfully so!

So as you can see, it was a very busy week. We enjoyed it immensely, however I do feel like I need a week off to recover from our week off! Next weekend will be just as busy too with my birthday, but I love spending all this time together as a family and cannot wait. It has definitely brightened my   mood for a little while at least!

Knackered much!

Until next time …

Sarah xx


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