Birthday Haul!

Ahhh, an actual day for me! Hahaa I Joke. But in all seriousness it was my 25th Birthday on Bonfire Night and I was utterly spoiled, so thought I would share some of my awesome gifts.

I was lucky that many members of my family gave me money towards the tattoo I had back in Half Term, so that was one of my big presents. Matt however, decided to go all out! I have been mooching at Apple watches since they came out, but I was always a bit unsure about whether I would actually use one, mainly because my phone is mostly glued to my hand! So I would convince myself that I would never use one and then each time I saw one in the shops I would start fawning over it again and again.

Well Matt decided that he would just ignore my fears and buy me one. He brought me a Rose Gold series 3, to match my iPhone 7. And I absolutely LOVE it! I am using it way more than I thought I would. It is fab for work, because for obvious reasons you can’t really use your phone in a school. Its perfect for hands free calls when I am driving and no one has complained about the sound quality of the conversations so that is a winner! He also brought me the Belkin Valet charge dock for my iPhone and my Apple watch. Let’s just say I had a heart attack when I saw the price of it, however I do love it. It has freed up a load of space on my bedside table, charges my phone and the watch super quickly and well, lets face it, it looks pretty awesome!

Super cool!

I’ve had some lovely gifts from my family. My mom went mad and brought me loads, including a meal voucher for Marco Pierre Whites Steakhouse for Matt and me. We have decided to book a room at the hotel it is in because we never get to go away. My sister brought me this awesome Harry Potter charm bracelet and a load of charms, and my mom brought a few to go with it. I also got lots of chocs, a bag, some ted baker goodies, scarves and fluffy socks.


My friends were awesome and utterly spoiled me. I got as beautiful friendship willow tree figure, an amazing Lego harry potter box frame made for me, this super awesome mug with my BonfireMom logo on it, more candles and chocs and lots of lovely little goodies.

My favourite presents are my ones from Evie. My mom took Evie shopping and let her pick what she wanted to get me. I was expecting some random poundland haul of a dishcloth and a my little pony colouring book but my girl did wonderful. She picked some beautiful blue dangly earrings and a little pendant necklace with a dog bone on it. Whilst they may not be to everyone’s taste, they are perfect because they are Evie through and through and I adore the fact that she picked them herself, especially after hearing the care and thought that went into her choices.

I am so grateful for everything I was gifted and overwhelmed by the love, thought and care that went into so many of my gifts. I am a very lucky girl!


Until next time …


Sarah xx




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