Sometimes Mama just wants to have fun!

Being a mom, as I have mentioned a million times, can be hard. But once in a blue magical moon, mamas gets a night off. A night where they get together with other mamas and go a teeny bit mental. Where they drink too much, sing too much, spend too much and then take too many pictures to prove it was all real.

The other weekend me and two of my mates did just this. We have all been great friends since we went to school together, and it just happens that all three of us had kids around the same time. Therefore it means we are suffering at the same time, (However the laughter will be on the other foot when we’ve stopped having kids when others have only just started … well that’s our plan anyway).


We decided that we would go and see Moulin Rouge at the cinema, and go for food and cocktails first. We would be grown up and sophisticated. We would not get drunk. We are respectable grown women, mother, partners…

We are Liars!

We had every intention of having a nice meal, until we realised that we could have a kid free KFC, eat a dirty burger and then have more money to go and drink with. Bonus, fabulous idea, and off we went. Three incredibly unhealthy box meals later, we were fed and happy, and ready to drink! Our film was not showing until 11pm and so we had plenty of time to drink.


We headed over to TGI Fridays where we ordered a large cocktail each. One of us (naming no names) decided that she would get straight on the shots, and then proceed to drink their way through the cocktail menu, by asking the bar tender which drinks are the strongest. We all fell in love with bubble daiquiris and continued our way through the menu.

After this we popped to the hungry horse for more cocktails and shots, before heading into the cinema, drunk and hungry for snacks. Buying large nachos and hotdogs we settled down for our film. Lizzy and me have been in love with this film for years on end, however Kerri had never seen it before. So we enjoyed watching her reactions and belting out the songs from the amazing soundtrack. It was an amazing night and reminded me how to be Sarah, and not just Evie’s mom.


The next morning Kerri and me had arranged to go and do a baby nearly new sale, and she was a little worse for wear. It turns out that community halls with hangovers do not mix, however it always is a bonus if they sell bacon sandwiches.


Until next time …



Sarah xx


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