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Christmas 2017.

I suppose the easiest way to ease myself back into this is to gabble on about the magic that was, and is, Christmas. We have had such a lovely (read expensive) time and to be honest I would do it all over again if I could. I absolutely love the fact that my job means I get to take the holidays off with Evie, and for the first time ever Matt had pretty much the same holidays as us off. In his previous job he got the week before off and went back boxing day, and I would finish on Christmas Eve so we didn’t get to have a lot of time together, so it has been wonderful this year.


We started it all off with a trip to the Safari Park in late November, where it turned out that Santa has already arrived. It was fabulous as Evie and I went with her Aunt and Cousin and had a lovely day. The Santa was great and the girls then entered the workshop and were able to make their own choice of what gift they received (Of course they had to have the same!) The park was filled with lots of fake snow and we watched a Christmas performance with the seals and enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies from Mrs. Claus.

On December 1st Trixie, Evie’s elf, returned. Evie was overjoyed she was back and thoroughly enjoyed getting up each morning to find up what Trixie has been up to each morning. Though I must admit that there were a few evenings when my head hit the pillow and I thought, DAMMIT I HAVE NOT MOVED THE BLOODY ELF.

The UK is not really known for its snow. The last really big snow fall was the year before Evie was born. The only snow she has ever seen in the the thousands of viewings of Frozen, and the fake snow machines. Well this year we have had really deep snow and well, she loved every single flake of it. We built snowmen, she got her bucket and spade out and made snow castles (In my 25 years of life I have never ever thought of this, the clever shit) and we just enjoyed a few days at home messing around!

This year was exciting as Evie was in her first school Christmas Play, where she had her own little role in a song. My mom and I went and saw her and my heart was so proud it could of burst. I also couldn’t get over how tall and grown up she looked all of a sudden, especially next to some of the younger kids in Nursery. She practiced her songs every night for weeks and she really shone in the show. While I may miss her being a baby, she never fails to amaze me with all she can do now!

We went on a big family day out to Telford winter wonderland again this year for her ‘proper’ visit to see Santa. Unfortunately it was a freezing cold, rainy day and with the attraction being outside it did put a littler stopper to our day. However the girls made full use of the indoor soft play and they still had a whale of a time. There was a brass band playing and Evie was more than happy to dance around for the crowds waiting to see Santa. She loves any form of attention and as far as she was concerned it was her own personal stage!! The Santa himself was fantastic as ever. I love it there, because they have around six little huts that are set out like a Christmas village, but inside each is a fully decorated Santa’s grotto. It is absolutely beautiful, and even though the rest of the park is a little dated I do love the Santa experience itself. That being said, we have done it twice now and I feel next year we will be looking for an indoor venture!

On Christmas Eve, we had a very special visit. I have some amazingly insane friends, one of whom dressed up as an elf and came to our house to deliver a Christmas Eve box to Evie and to take Trixie back home to the North Pole. Last year Evie was really upset when Trixie left and it was a struggle to get her to move past it. This year on the morning I left her a note from Santa saying that because she had been so good that year that he was allowing her to touch Trixie and take her out on an adventure all day. Evie thought that was amazing, and so we took Trixie to breakfast, and then over to her Nanny’s house where they opened presents and played games. I spent the day telling Evie that someone would have to come and take Trixie home on the night and so when the time came she was ready. Farty McBumtrump (or something along those lines LOL) came skipping to our house and delivered Evie the most amazing Christmas Eve box (Previously mentioned awesome friends had filled said box with soooo many goodies!!). Farty spent a good while with Evie explaining why Trixie had to go and making her promise to go to bed. She then skipped back down the road with Trixie much to the amusement of Evie and everyone who drove passed our house! Evie happily popped on her Elf PJs and was ready to go off to bed, though it took her forever to actually go to sleep, as I think this was the first year she was giddy with excitement!


On to the big day itself. Evie was, as expected, absolutely spoilt rotten. She got the Princess Twilight she was so desperate for and pretty much every other piece of Pony merchandise you can think to buy. She had a multitude of beautiful gifts, from a Barbie dream camper, to a drum kit and a so much more. She was very excited to get a few of the Our Generation Dolls that she had been so desperate for, and the joy when she opened them was worth the price tag. We had a lovely Christmas day with our family where we ate too much food and had a great time. I was brought some beautiful gifts, like a DAB radio, some perfumes, alcohol and some awesome books. Plus much much more. But my favourite things by far are what Evie chose. She went out with my Dad and picked gifts from the pound shop for me and Matt. We both adore them, as they are what Evie wanted to buy for us herself. It was just so great and I will treasure them forever. Apart from the beef hula hoops because she ate them the second I opened them HAHA.

We had such an amazing time that I feel the next bits will all be put in another blog, as we had the run up to Evie’s birthday on December 30th. Expect lots of unboxing, a DIY SOS job and a soft play party!


Until next time …


Sarah xxx


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