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DIY SOS Unicorn edition

I’m going to jump straight into this one with both feet. Am I the only one who gets really tearful on their children’s birthday? Like I love the fact that she is growing up and all that Jazz but wahhhhh where has my tiny baby gone. On one hand, I cannot imagine my life without Evie in it and I find it really hard to remember what my life was like beforehand (Though I’d hazard a guess that I was richer and I know damn well that the car I was driving was a lot cooler). I feel like she has always been here but then on the flip side I seemed to have blinked and missed the last four years. I vividly remember her as a newborn but years 1 and 2 seem to be in a blur. I want to crawl back into my photos and make myself remember each and every moment. So yeah, I don’t deal with her birthdays that well.

Anyway, enough crazy talk. This year I decided (I’d like to say ‘we’ decided but I just brought the shit and told Matt what was going on like some form of memo) that I wanted to redecorate Evie’s room, in a bid to make me forget about how big she is getting. I never really liked it when we moved in but it was clean and tidy and I went with the ‘that’ll do’ mentality. However in the summer we went to a few decorating shops and Evie hadn’t stop going on about the Unicorn wallpaper that she had seen. This one however was hideous, with some kind of neon repeated pattern of crap. But it gave me an idea to redecorate. I wanted to go with a rainbow unicorn theme, but in a nice way than the rank paper we saw.

I spent a few weeks deciding on what paper I wanted to get, and finally settled on a pale pink paper with glittery unicorns, rainbows and dream clouds. All I had to do was pick up a few pots of paint and then spring the idea on the family, as I am shit at decorating. That’s right, I had the idea, they can do the execution.


The week before Christmas I dropped my bombshell on them all. I wanted the room all done for Evie’s birthday but after Christmas. You know, in that teeny window of time. I said that it would be best on December 28th and conned them all in to helping me, for the love of Evie. To be frank, it was bloody simple to do because I didn’t really leave them much choice. I decided it would be a surprise for Evie, so on the morning I told her she had to go to her Nanny Max’s house because her room was ‘too messy’. This really put her bottom lip out because Evie is actually very meticulous with her room, which is really surprising for a small child. I emptied out all the furniture apart from her bed and shoved that in the middle. Within 5 mins I had taken down the wallpaper (thankfully it came off super doper easy) and put down all the old sheets and we were ready to go.

My Grandad turned up first at 10am and within 20mins we had nearly painted two of the walls. My mom and Dad had come to join us and we were on a roll. So much so that Mom and I sodded off to the shop whilst they carried on. We popped to Asda so mom could get everything she needed to make Evie’s birthday cake and what should have been a quick trip turned into an hour and a half mooch through the George Sale, where Evie got brought even more Pony clothes. Whoops.


When we made it back half the wallpaper was up and it was looking fantastic. Before long we had a very awesome looking unicorn room, with a pink glittery lightshade, pink shimmer rug and lots of unicorn accessories. I went with my mom to pick up Evie, who was still none the wise, and we brought her back under the premise that she must go and tidy her room. She ran straight up the stairs to protest her innocence and walked in her room. You could see the instant shock and surprise, and then a giant smile came across her face. Relief washed over me when I realised she loved her new room. She ran around like a lunatic and happily pointed out all the parts she loved the most, which was basically everything.


I have to thank my amazing family for helping me to pull of a full room transformation in one day. It was all worth it to see Evie’s smiling face!

Until next time …



Sarah xxx


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