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Happy Birthday Eviebum

So. I now have a four year old. Holy Shitsticks.

I’m not old enough to have a four year old surely.

However, on the flipside, I have kept a small human alive for four years, so where is my medal.

IMG_4842 (1)

On December 30th my teeny tiny bundle of joy somehow turned into a four year old. She has been excitedly waiting all year for it to be ‘her turn’. Starting off with a birthday for her cousin Benjamin, she has asked with every family birthday “Am I next”?

And each time I’ve had to watch her little face crumble as I said not this time. She gets excited at my Birthday because she knows that its getting closer to hers. Once the Christmas tree went up she knew it was coming, telling all and sundry how she is a Christmas Baby and that she would be four soon.

So it happened. I put her to bed and kissed my 3-year-old goodbye. I thought of all the magical things we had done in that year and cried my eyes out whilst sipping on my Amaretto. As I said in my last blog, I don’t know why I get so emotional but I do. I’m just a bloody emotional wreck lets face it. I cried at an advert the other day.


The small human woke at 3am and shouted from her room IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. In my sleepy haze I shouted back GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU’RE STILL THREE. (Technically true!) However when she woke at 6:15am I had no argument for that and so we all got up. She ran into the living room and nearly died of excitement to see her much longed for ‘Our Generation Ice Cream Truck’ was there in all its glory. Being a clever beggar, I had read the reviews on how much of a ball ache it was to get all the accessories out of the thing, and so the night beforehand I spent TWO FECKING HOURS getting all the plastic wrap off all 100 mini accessories so that its was ready to go for her. She opened around 10 presents and soon enough it was time to get showered and get ready for her party!

We had decided to hire the local Fuzzy Ed’s soft play after going to another party back in June. I liked the fact you could hire the whole venue without anyone else being allowed into the soft play, as I knew that so many adults would be there too and I wanted to make sure that everyone had a seat. It also meant that the adults could order breakfast from the attached Sizzling pub, which was great. The only off putting part is that you are only able to do this for parties between 10-12 or 6-8pm. I knew the latter would be far too late for all her friends and so it was a bright and early morning party instead.

This was Evie’s first party since she started school, and so I let her invite a few of her little friends. I don’t get to meet many of the moms as I don’t do the drop off or pick ups, much to my heartache. I was over joyed that so many of them came and she was so happy her new friends had comes. Equally she was over the moon that her old childminder and her ‘boyfriend’ came, and so it was lovely that all her friends could come and play alongside her cousins and my friend’s children.

The food was great to be fair to them, and there was more than enough for the children who were there, which included a couple of young teenagers who can obviously eat more than 3 and 4 year olds. I opted for a hot food buffet, as I wanted to make sure that all the kids had something warm with it being so cold outside. They had a selection of ham, jam and cheese sandwiches, fresh chips, sausages, chicken strips, pizzas alongside some salad sticks. There was then a pudding of chocolate brownies, ice cream and Jelly. My mom made Evie a rainbow unicorn cake, which she thought was amazing because the top tier was Carrot cake (her fav) and her friends had a rainbow cake underneath. Clever Nanny!

I made popcorn and rainbow drop party cones, and I didn’t realise that the party also included surprise bags for the kids. So they all had a bag, cone and birthday cake to go home with, which was great as I like to see them go home with their hands full. At £7.49 per child I think it was a bit of a bargain!

We went home for a few hours with my friends and spent the afternoon opening the rest of her presents and unboxing a few. Then we met back up with my Mom and Dad and went for an impromptu meal at the Blake’s Barn in For Oaks. I must say, it was one of the nicest meals out we have been to in a long time. The meals are all 2-4-1 and they average around £16 each., which I think its great as two adults can eat and have drinks for around £20. The portions are huge and the quality is outstanding, and we will defo be going there again!

Evie was getting very tired by the end of it all and we brought our sleepy girl home. I tucked her in to bed and realised how incredibly lucky we are to have her, and I cannot wait to see what 4 has in store for us all!


Until next time ….



Sarah xxx


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