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Pocket Money Toys – In Review!

Hey guys. So you are prob wondering what on earth this blog is about. Well a good friend of mine, and follower of BonfireMom had an idea for a feature that can become a reoccurring piece. And it was so awesome I fell in love with it and here we are.

So what’s it all about? Well my fellow stressed out parents, its about the crap our kids con us out of buying for them because TV adverts, YouTube and other influences have convinced them they need to buy. Those things that you expect to cost the grand total of maybe £2 tops, however NOPE its always a sting when you get to the till and its at least £6. You cry internally as you part with your hard earned cash, hoping that at least the contents will be worthwhile and your child will be entertained. But lets face it you know it’s a lie!

So we are going to take some of the pain away and review the crap so you don’t have to buy it. Here you will find 3 honest reviews on each product. One from me, the stressed mom. One from Evie, the small human this crap is geared towards. And One from my friend Clare, who is childless, but loves toys and can give an outsiders view on value for money.

This week we shall start with ‘Pikmi Pops Surprise’. If your initial reactions is the fu** is that you wont be the only one. However, my child knew exactly what they are thanks to the magic of YouTube. Apparently they are some craze that has gone through America and so a million toy reviewers have been brainwashing my child that she needs one. So when we went to our local Entertainer store to look at the things Evie could buy with her birthday money, she went loopy when she saw them in there.

Let’s start with the product description from the makers website …

It’s not a lollipop, it’s a Pikmi Pops! Unwrap a Pikmi Pops to find cute surprises inside! 

Display your Pikmi plushie inside the lollipop or use the dangler string to hang your favorite Pikmi on your favorite bag, keys, phone, spiral note book, pencil case and more!

There are over 45+ super cute mini Pikmi plushies to collect, in 12 yummy scents. Don’t pick one, pick a lot – and unwrap the surprises in your Pikmi Pops!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.34.49


Okay lets go. As I said beforehand, we brought this from The Entertainer Toy Shop for £6.00. I have added the link so you can all see it for yourselves.

Right let’s start with Evie’s review. I have asked her a series of questions and she has replied in as much detail as she can.

Me: Right Evie what have you brought?
Evie: A pinkie pop. It’s a blind bag.

M: Why did you choose this toy?
E: I like it. It smells like sweeties and its an ultra rare. (It isn’t).

M: Where did you see this before?
E: On my iPad. Cookie had them on hers. (This is a page called Cookie Swirl C). She has lots of them and has duplicates.

M: What does it do?
E: Erm. You open the Lollypop and you take out the fish. It smells like sweeties. Then you put it back.

M: Would you like to buy one again with your money?
E: Yeah as I have a collectors guide and I like the blue one next.

At this point she ran off. That’s about as much as we are getting out of her then.

Next, Clare …

So the Pikmi Pop (mini version) arrived at my door on Sunday with its excited new owner Evie who is 4 years old.
Evie pops herself on the sofa next to me and handed me this Pikmi pop. Me, being a big kid who loves toys, was a little bit excited about what I was going to find inside!!!
Well I was like a deflated balloon once I had.. I turned straight to Evie and said what does it do.. her answer “smells of bubble gum”
In my head I was thinking what the actual  …..
So me being me, I wanted to know more! So I started playing… the thing does nothing!!! Nothing, nada, squat!!
I tried hanging it from the top so it was like a gold fish.. the crappy lollipop stand thing fell over..
So maybe you just place it in!! Less hassle than a real fish tank maybe… nope can’t see the little pink thing!!
So I google it!!! It’s a key ring. A bloody key ring.
So your child has just payed £8.55 for a key ring that doesn’t smell of bubblegum! No to me it smelt like bins!
Evie tells me there are 45 to collect! And you can’t see them before you buy. Wow
That’s a whopping £384.75 for key rings! That smell like bins!
Could buy the lego Death Star and still have change!!
Sorry kid I can’t ever buy you one of these.. you don’t even get a lollipop.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.35.01
Piece of shit

Now it’s my turn. Buckle your seat belts.

THE FUCK IS THIS THING. Right now that’s out of my system I will behave.

Honestly now what on earth is this thing. Okay so we go to the Entertainer because Evie had some birthday money and they had a sale on. Mom had told me that there was loads of JoJo Siwa toys on sale, and Evie has adored the bits she has had for her birthday. So that’s what we went in for. However, as you walk in the damn store there is a massive stand of these weird things that look like large lollypops. Evie runs straight to them, and conveniently they have absolutely no blooming price one them. After walking round the shop Evie is adamant she wants one of these things. So I tell her that we will ask the man at the till how much they are. I walk up and without even scanning the toy he said ‘ That’s the second time we have filled the stand today. They are £6 if you want to grab one’. Flipping heck, I thought. They must be good if you are refilling stock at 11am! Evie pops on her puppy dog eyes and so I allow her to buy it.

We stand outside the store and she’s like a rabid dog. She cannot take a step further until I unwrap the toy. We actually have a crowd of three other kids watching her now, and so I give the wrapper a start for her and she tears into the thing. She pops open the lid to be met with a smaller bag inside. Hmm, I think, wonder what on earth it could be. Again, I rip a small hole and Evie pulls out this teeny small pink fish. I look inside the lollypop and literally said ‘Is that bloody it?!’. Yup. A teeny pink fish that smells like cheap car air freshener, a small red piece of string, a collectors guide and a teeny envelope. I honestly can’t tell you what was in that envelope as Evie lost it about 2 nanoseconds later.

It was really hard to remain calm. I shit you not. £6 for a toy I would be pissed off with if it had come out of a £1 surprise egg. Even Evie was initially a bit gutted, as she said it was meant to come with other things. I assumed our one was faulty and went back in the store, like an idiot. Oh no M’am. You have brought the mini version. The one your daughter is on about is £12.99. That is the one that comes with two mini plushies, a foam keyring and a plastic bracelet.


Nah mate, I’m good.

Normally I would try and refrain from uses stock images, but in the time it has taken to create this post Evie has literally lost all of it. The fish. The string. The lollypop. All of it. So would I say it is worth £6. Not in a month of Sundays. Oh and if you are feeling like you simply have too much money, here is the £20 version.


As you can tell, this was not a paid for post. All views are our own and honest and truthful.



Until next time …



Sarah xx


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