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The different versions of me as a mom.

I was getting Evie’s school stuff ready this evening when it dawned on me, how quickly I have changed from the type of mom I thought I would be, to the mom I am now. I always had this grand plan that when Evie went to school I would be this super organised parent, who head everything ready in advance and all that Jazz. Turns out I was, naturally, chatting bollocks. Here are a number of examples …

The Uniform.
The plan was simple. I brought enough uniform that she had a complete clean set every day, and two whole spare sets. One would reside at school encase she had an accidents and one spare at home. Simple. They would all be washed and clean by a Sunday afternoon where I would iron them at my leisure. Easy peasy.

However, plans rarely stay. For the first term I must give myself some credit and say this is exactly what happened. However some time over the October half term I seemed to go off kilter. And now? Now on a Monday morning I turn the air blue looking for tights with no holes in them. I cuss at Manthing for just putting the white load in the tumble dryer last night and not turning the damn thing on! (He normally comes out with some shite like ‘You didn’t ask me to do that’.. men!) I am sure there is a whole uniform set missing, which I am sure is at my mothers. There are about 3 school cardigans in the back of my car and Evie normally has a moan because the dress I have picked out is not the one she wants. Sighhhh. Every week I make a mental note to sort them out again at the weekend and every weekend I forget. Bloody uniform.


The Book Bag.
Bloody thing. I have absolutely no arguments with sending home a book. I really don’t. We love ready and try to make sure she gets a book every night before bed. It’s our wind down time and to be honest, we all love it. What I don’t love is the bloody book bag. Firstly, this is because half of the time it is used to send home letters requesting money, which I will cover below. Secondly, they keep changing the day when they want it brought in and the day that it comes home. I have to have an alert now on my phone to remember to take the blooming thing to the childminder, and then I spend the rest of the week panicking where the thing is as I worry that she has left it wherever she has gone that particular evening. The end of last term was fun when they took it in a week before they broke up for the holidays and we only got it back last Friday which means I spent the whole of the holidays thinking I had lost it somewhere. Dammit. And finally, I don’t like the thing because Evie keeps using it to store fruit without telling me. I mean this one is more that my child is grim and not the book bags fault but I am sick of finding old fruit in the bag. Vom.

The constant stream of funds required.
I have a feeling I am going to get lynched for this one. However, it seems like there is barely a day that goes by without a request for one thing or another. Please do not get me mistaken, I work in education, I understand FULLY that funding is sparse and tight. However so are my wages! I have NEVER not sent the money asked for, but sometimes I do feel it would be easier to just give them my bank details! My biggest thing is the constantly having to find change for things such as £1 for non uniform day or £1.50 for the nursery fund. I never have change, I live off my bank card. So I keep having to draw out £10 to break for school. This one is completely my own fault to be honest and my one thing I am trying to do this year is keep any change I do get aside solely to have for Evie’s school when its required. Lame I know.

Though I must give credit where it is due. Her school is damn awesome and they do some amazing thing for the kiddies!!header.jpg

The school pick up.
I know I have mentioned it before and low and behold I will mention it again. I am still just as gutted that I don’t get to do any of the school drop offs or pick ups because of work. Its very rare that Evie mentions it, but when she does It really pulls on my heart strings. I have managed to be there three times this school year and each time her eyes light up when she sees it is me that is waiting for her. I love how something so simple means so much to her, which is why it sucks that it cannot be everyday.


Ahhh School. I have a gazillion more years of this left, so I suppose I better suck it up and get on with it then!


Until next time …


Sarah xx


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