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Pocket Money Toys – In Review – Surprise Eggs

Hi Guys!

So Pocket Money Toys – In Review is back!

There was a great response to last weeks blog about the Pikmi pops, so thank you. And it was great to hear that we had saved some money for quite a lot of you, which is ALWAYS the aim here. This week we are reviewing surprise egg toys. You know the ones I mean, that are in every flipping restaurant, pub and shopping centre. They drive your kids crazy. They drive you crazy driving to find a flipping £1 coin. But here we go. As always you will find 3 honest reviews on each product. One from me, the stressed mom. One from Evie, the small human this crap is geared towards. And One from my friend Clare, who is childless, but loves toys and can give an outsiders view on value for money.

Because these surprise eggs are very generic, there is no product description for them. Though generally, they are a £1 surprise luck toy. Sometimes, like these ones we are reviewing, you get to choose what kind of toy you like via a theme, such as hello kitty, transformers .. that kind of thing. Other places it is completely random, and goddddd only knows what you’re going to get. One time we actually got a Halloween plastic witches finger, a blob of play dough and a crayon. Delightful.


Let’s start with Evie, who looses her mind every time she see’s these things!

Mommy: Evie what is this? (Show her the egg)
Evie: A SURPRISE EGG! (Goes loco)

M: Why do you like these eggs?
E: They are surprise eggs. And this is a pony one. I have lots of these ones.

She has them all. So, so many times

M: What do they do?
E: You collect them.

M: Do they do anything else?
E: No you just collect them. I have lots of pony ones, I have 4 Rainbow dashes.

M: Are there only pony ones?
E: No there’s the chicken ones*, I got puppy tin one and a PJ Masks one.
*The chicken one is like some machine that seems to be in most sizzling pubs. It is literally a chicken that lays a surprise egg. Evie thinks these are marvellous since Nanny first let her have one. Now we can’t go for a flipping meal without ‘I need money for the chicken’ being bellowed at me every five seconds. Cheers mom.

Fucking chicken

Right lets go off to Clare …

The prize every time machine.

I am not going to lie I get very excited about toys even though most of them let me down.
We were out for a meal with Evie and her family, as we walk through the door me and Evie both spot the toy machine. TOYS! Obviously, I acted like an adult and sat straight down at the table, this is only because Evie’s grandparents were there. Evie’s Grandad saved the day and took her straight to the machine. I love grandparents, they totally outrank parents lol.
Evie comes back with this yellow egg, excited!!! Inside was a………… My little pony! Obviously, it’s Evie lol. First thing out of the egg, collectors guide naturally, followed by a yellow pony. I don’t know all of their names yet don’t judge me I got rainbow dash, Applejack and twilight sparkle down. When I got my hands on the pony I was a little bit impressed! It was a decent size, well made and looked like a pony. Bonus. What can you really do with one pony though?? Of course, Evie’s got to go and get another one!! We needed to race! Mommy I know you said after the meal but we needed to race!!!

It was rainbow dash Evie’s favourite! WIN!! Myself and Evie had a great time racing the ponies, we was well entertained for ages. With it being Evie’s birthday she obviously got to go back to the machine before we left.

Mommy yells no more ponies.. WTF we need to the collection!! You don’t understand! There is 6 in the collection and we only have 2!!

Evie comes back with another egg, as she opens it this shitty tin comes out. Auntie Aurrets in her head say what the f@@ks that shit! What we going to do with that bull shit! It’s boring! Does nothing! Can’t race with that! Oh wait we have something inside. “its a puppy” shouts Evie!! No its a piece of shit!! Where is the bin! Proper deflated me that!! Should have just got another pony!

Okay guys, its over to me.

Well, as shocking as this may seem, I don’t actually mind these toys. Mainly, because I can bribe Evie to behave well during the meal with the promise of a surprise egg at the end. Do I think they are always worth a £1. No, not in the slightest. I think the puppy ones are a crock of shit. Evie loves animals and will play with most thinks however these are too small and they get lost instantly. But I must have to say, that on the whole, I do think that as a pocket money toy, they aren’t so bad. Evie has a full collection of the My Little Pony ones, which numerous duplicates, but that means she can take them in her little bag out to her grandparents houses, and it doesn’t matter if the dogs get hold of them and chew them to pieces, because low and behold we have about 5 more of the same thing.

Yes, I do dread to think about the total cost that have been spent on these, however, its not like I have spent it out in one go and to be honest, its normally my parents or whomever we are with that actually buys them. So I’m normally not even out of pocket so that is always a win win!

The only thing that does annoy me about these eggs, is how they all seem to congregate in my bloody handbag. I was looking for my car keys at work the other day and I had to remove 5 surprise eggs, a mini packet of crayons and two kinder egg capsules to get anywhere!

Until next time …


Sarah xx



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