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Simple happiness

Sometimes, its really easy to get caught up in the things that make us sad, or cause us stress. We start to believe that everything is all doom and gloom, causing ourselves to become more miserable and reclusive in ourselves. Or at least I do anyway! So I want to take a moment to go through the simple, little, everyday things that makes me happy. The things that bring me joy, and to try and focus on the good. To be honest, its more of a list of what makes me a bit basic but hey, I like it!

Sunday Evenings
Whilst I hate thinking about the fact that I have e to go back to work the following morning, I do enjoy Sunday evenings. I love that complete chill out after a scrummy Sunday roast (that I do not cook. EVER) and having a cuddle on the sofa. Sometimes Evie is ignoring us as she watches her iPad, sometimes we watch a family film and sometimes we just nap. But whatever it is I completely and utterly enjoy it. I love being with my family, and having that calm before the working week storm. At the moment, I have got Evie hooked on Dancing on Ice. I love it, because the last series aired when she was a new-born so I used to watch it cuddled up with her on my chest. Now of course, she’s a lanky 4 year old who cannot curl up on me, but she does give it a good go! We snuggle under a blanket and watch the dancers, while munching on some treats. I look forward to it every week and I will miss it so much when she decides she is too old to sit and watch crap TV with Mommy.

I hate hate hate paying full price for anything. I am so stingy and I am perfectly aware of it. I love grabbing a bargain, and have been known to start shopping for Christmas in January. I am pretty sure most of my wages go directly to homebargains and B&M. I get super excited when I manage to find something Evie has asked for on sale. Like the other week, she had been after these fluffy pinkie pie pjs for ages but I didn’t fancy paying £15 for them. Because I am tight. However, the day before her birthday, I managed to get them in the sale for £5. Much better. I buy easter eggs when they appear in early Feb as the better ones are normally on 3 for £5, and then they go on to being £5 a pop thereafter. The same at Christmas, I was over the moon when I found some of the presents on her wish list were on sale. Saving money = extra coffee shop trips. Right?!

Caravan Holidays

I have been so lucky that my family have had static caravans all my life. This has allowed me to go on many holidays to the seaside, so much so, that it feels like home when I get there. This is even better now that I have Evie who is so at home at the beach. I like all the cheesy stuff, like the arcades, the on site show bar with their corny Funstars. I like watching Evie sing and dance along with the characters.

I love walking across the seafront in the colder months, in a thick coat with the wind blowing nearly as much as how I love watching Evie run around in her swimming costume building sandcastles in the summer. Nothing beats fresh fish and chips shared with Matt and Evie and ice cream for pudding. Evie is such a water baby, and loves everything about the seaside. I honestly think that if the opportunity came around, I would move to Mablethorpe forever. I hate when it is time to leave, and get a rubbish feeling in the pit of my stomach when I pack the car and start the drive home, however I always know that it won’t be long before we are back!

Decent Coffee
Okay so I go on about Coffee on here a lot. But I really do love it. From the first cup when I wake up, it is something I really enjoy. I have never really liked tea. Its just strange and not for me. But there are few things I enjoy more than a good coffee, (even better with a cheeky slice of cake). In the summer I live off iced coffees and a frappe as a treat. Even at home, the blender I brought to make healthy smoothies with is now used more for making an iced coffee or two!

A Hot Bath.
Lame I know. Stereotypical mom, I know. But I adore having a hot bubble bath at the end of a super stressful day. Just laying there, ignoring the housework. Okay, so sometimes the bath toys come crashing down half way through (why does the bloody toy holder only ever come off the wall if I am in the bath?!). It’s a bit of me time where I don’t have to think, don’t have to tidy and don’t have to worry. Evie is always in bed, Matt either plays the xbox or watches a film and its lovely just to not be needed by any of them. Sometimes, when I am feeling a bit fancy, I even pop a bath bomb in. Not often mind you, because they are like a fiver a go!

A Natter with Mates.
Honestly, sometimes you just need to have a moan and a bitch down the phone to your mates to make you feel a bit better about all the shit going on. Me and my mates talk about all sorts of shit on the phone, but I love it. I pop my PJs on, tuck Evie in bed and settle in for a whinge on the phone. Sometimes Matt has a moan that I am on the phone, but 9/10 times its on loudspeaker and he is there having a bitch himself.

Bedtime Cuddles
The best thing? Cuddles from your sleepy child when they are ready for bed. You know the times, when they have given in to the fact that they need sleep, and are all sleepy and cute. This is when you get the best cuddles. The cuddles where you could hold on to them all night long. Its honestly one of my absolute favourite things in the world, and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.


Until next time …


Sarah xx


3 thoughts on “Simple happiness”

  1. Lol you are really funny. Very relatable. I’m definitely going to have to follow you! And as for the toys falling I think it is a mother’s curse as we aren’t allowed to truly enjoy our alone time for more than 2 minutes 😉

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