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Pocket Money Toys – Tsum Tsum

Hey Guys.

Apologies for the delay in this weeks Pocket money toys review. I have had a bit of a problem with my laptop! Anyway, this weeks surprise toy is the Disney Tsum Tsums. Now we have dabbled in these a few times before, and never to any great response from Evie. However, in the want of a fair review, I thought we would try again afresh.

Here is a small bit I have found online about the Tsum Tsum range:

Welcome to the world of Squishy Squishy TsumTsum stack’s! This range brings together the craze that is the TsumTsum’s app and gives kids the chance to find and collect all of the characters and then play out the game in real life! With 50 characters to collect, try and find the rarest of them all for bonus ruby points and coins! Squishy to touch, you can stack them wide or you can stack them tall, so much fun to be had by all! 4 piece pack


Okay, so this seems like it was based on an app you can download, which I vaguely can recall. I know they also did soft, bean filled toy versions of these. I know that Evie has been brought those before as they are floating around in the playroom. These are seemly a bit different. More like a shopkins thing where you collect the figures and so forth. Anyhu, we brought ours from our local Asda store, where a four pack has been reduced to £1.50 to clear. The same pack can be found on amazon here for £7.88 (clearly we got a bit of a bargain) … Amazon!

As always, lets start with Evie. She was super excited that I let her pick these, as we actually were going to purchase one of the standard 1 figure mystery packs for £2. So when I saw a four pack for less, she was pretty stoked! Remember, Evie has just turned 4, and so is around the beginning age for the target audience.

Mommy: Hey Evie what did we get from Asda?
Evie: Its Tum Tums (This is actually too cute!)

M: What’s a Tsum Tsum?
E: Its from Disneyland, where Punzel lives.

M: What do you do with it?
E: I can stack them, look! (Excitedly demonstrates making a tower with them)


M: Who did you get?
E: The shouty lady (Roz from Monsters Inc). The Fairy (Godmother from Cinderella) Mickey Mouse and Kion. (This child is of the wrong generation. Its SIMBA from the lion king not KION from the Lion guard. Gheeeeez).

Yeah she got pretty bored of talking to me about them then. She took them over to her princess castle and made them play with her Disney Store toddler figures. Fair enough.


Right, over to Auntie Clare, our resident childless toy obsessive …

The Tsum Tsum
Well, what can I say?
Nothing I didn’t get to play 😦
Evie would not let them go!!
All I got to do was watch her play with them via video chat.
If I could of reached down the phone I so would of!!
These things look amazing. I was so tempered to go down to the local toyshop and get some myself!


They look amazing!!
I can’t wait for a play date with Evie just so I can play.. Oh, and to see Evie of course!!!
Hopefully next week I will have a chance to play.. I’m guessing it’s going to be a noisy one 🙂

Okay now it’s my go.

Honestly, I thought these would be a crock of shit. They are just moulded plastic figures, that don’t really do anything in my eyes. HOWEVER, these have gone down an absolute bloody storm. We brought them on a Saturday evening and she was still playing with them Monday morning before school. I try and let Evie have the toy a good week before I write a review as I want to be able to explain to you guys how good/bad they are. Well It’s been well past a week and she is still playing with them. We have used them in her homework to aid with her counting. They have been in the bath, they have been in her pony games, and she has served ice cream to them with her ‘our generation’ ice cream truck, and they have literally been played with every single day. All the bloody toys this child has had for Christmas and her Birthday and she is obsessed with these. I tried for a solid week to sneak them out the house to take to Clare to review and I just didn’t get the chance to swipe them away from her.


Would I pay the £7.88 for them. Honestly, probably not, because I am a total tight arse. However I have seen larger packs for around £10 which I would have brought as a gift for easter or half term. I have seen the older series in B&M and to be honest they look exactly the same and they were around £3.99 which I would happily pay for them. Since Evie has played with these so much I have looked online at them a bit more and have seen you can buy playsets for them too, which I think is great as it means they can be ‘really’ played with rather than just sold off as a ‘collection’ toy.

All in all, whilst I do not see the appeal in them myself, I am more than happy with them for Evie. She has asked to read the booked from her Disney library that correlate with the figures, which is great and she seems to totally enjoy the toys.


Disney Tsum Tsum’s – BonfireMom Approved

Until next time …


Sarah xx



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