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Shine bright like a diamond

Ah kids. There is always something they are after, and at 4 years old Evie decided that she wanted to have get her ears pierced. Or peeled as she kept telling anyone who would listen. Matt and I had always said she could have them pierced when she was old enough to ask, and when she understood that they would hurt to be done and that she would have to let me clean them. Well she was adamant that this was the time, and because she doesn’t yet do PE at school, we agreed that she could.

At first, I spent ages trying to find a ‘tattoo’ parlour with a piercer available who would use the needle method. I had read online that it would be better to have it done that way. However, do you think I could find anywhere that would do it? I was really shocked, living in a large city like Birmingham, that everywhere I asked said no. So it was back to the drawing board.

They do look pretty cute!

When I had my ears pierced I went to the local jewellery shop and had them pierced there. I thought this would be the next best port of call, as at least the jewellery would be proper gold and not some knock off version. So I dragged my parents around the World Famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. We walked up and down all the roads, and it seems that no one pierces ears anymore. I was starting to think it was a sign of not to bother, however you try and explain to a four year old that she cannot have her ears pierced once you have said yes.

Every shop we went into recommended Claire’s accessories. I was dubious, as I thought it might not have been the best place to go. However I spoke to loads of people, and it turns out that everyone went there.

I went into Claire’s and was pleasantly surprised. All the earrings were in sealed separate packets. I was worried they would just be cheap earrings, however they had a wide range to suit anyone’s budget. I wanted proper gold earrings for Evie, as I wanted to minimise any risk of infection or reaction. We chose some rose gold gems in gold earrings, (after I convinced her that she didn’t need the my little pony or JoJo SIwa versions), and the girls got ready. They prepped her ears to ensure they were clean. They washed they hands and then wore disposable surgical gloves and placed plastic aprons over their clothes.

I was given a full T&C breakdown and informed of how to care for Evie’s new piercing before they started. They decided to do a double piercing, with a separate member of staff piercing each ear at the same time, to try and make it as quick as possible. Evie was all smiles until they went in, at which point she broke her heart over it. I was expecting the tears though and came readily prepared with chocolate buttons!

It took her a good 15/20mins before she calmed down, however I think she was more stressed out by all the people around her. I brought the Claire’s solution for piercings whilst I was there. The piercing and the solution came to around £50, however, we did choose more expensive earrings and so I was expecting this.


When you get a piercing you then get 20% off anything else in the store, which is a great way to cheer back up a grumpy 4 year old. She chose some shopkins sweeties and a ‘My little pony’ charm necklace from Nanny, who also brought Evie some Olaf earrings, which have been explained as ‘party earrings’ only.

We are now three weeks post piercing, and to be honest they still haven’t healed as much as I would have liked them too. The guidelines state that they change their earrings after three weeks, however I will be more comfortable waiting the full 6 weeks of old. We have had a few days of pus coming out of the piercing, however it is hard to ensure that a 4 year old doesn’t mess with the bloody things.

All in all she is very happy with them (When I am not cleaning them!) Though I will be a lot happier when they are healed and done with.


Until next time …


Sarah xx


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