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Dance Mom.

I’m currently writing this whilst sat in a freezing cold foyer at 9:30am on a Saturday morning. Why? Because I have signed myself up for the title of ‘Dance Mom’.

What on Earth am I on about? Well, I’ve signed the smallhuman up for Dance lessons. Irish dance lessons to be precise. I used to do Irish dancing when I was young and to be honest, since that little black and white screen informed me she was a girl i have wanted to get her to try Irish dancing.

Before this, we did ballet. What a shit storm that turned out to be. She started with the baby ballet brand, which in all fairness was fab and she loved it. In my old job I would have a Tuesday off work and so we would go then, it’s was lovely and it’s ever so cute to see a room of one and two year olds toddling around to dance music. We learnt our ‘good toes/ naughty toes’ and all was well.

Then I changed jobs, and we couldn’t go to the same class anymore. So we trialled a few other local schools. We went to one for about 6 weeks but Evie Just wouldn’t settle with it. She was the youngest by far and she didn’t like it.

Then we trialled another school. And well it was horrific. Evie point blank refused to do shit. She screamed and shouted, and had the biggest tantrum to date. I cried. She cried. It two hours to calm her down enough to find out what the issue was … she wanted a biscuit. A whole snot filled tantrum and she wanted a biscuit.

I decided no more and stopped the lessons. Thought I would pick it back up when she was older. That was about a year and a bit ago. Around September last year she began asking about dancing. So I showed her lots of different videos on YouTube to try and find her interest. And I was over the moon when I realised that she loved the Irish dancing the most.

She would ask to watch Riverdance again and again and I was only too happy to indulge her in that. I had looked at Irish dancing lessons for her before but struggled to find her a place in a school. After her birthday I decided to really try and get her into a class.

Finally the fab Clare managed to get her a space in one of the best dance schools around! I was over the moon and so was Evie.

Her first lesson she walked into the foyer, bold as brass and asked where Jean was. They all looked at her, like she was mad. It took me a good few mins to realise she was looking for Jean Butler (who if you don’t know, is a world famous Irish dancing and the original female lead from Riverdance). The room exploded with laughter and she mad her mark, as always.

Sorry sweetie. Jean Butler is not in Birmingham.

So that’s how I got here. Freezing my butt off in an ice cold foyer on a Saturday morning but proud as punch of her. She looks amazing in her little soft shoes and her poddle socks.

I may never have a shiny new car, or a spare penny to my name but hey, the small human is happy so I am happy.

Until next time…

Sarah xx


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