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A quick update!

Hello all. As you may have noticed, I have been off on a disappearing act again. Why? Because I did a major stupid and fell down the stairs and bust up my ankle. Which I shall admit, is not the best idea I have ever had. I have been in quite a lot of pain with the bloody thing and it seems to be taking quite some time to heal, which is a right annoyance. I should have taken it as a hint to go a bit slower, but anyone who knows me knows that I completely ignored that one. It’s starting to bite me back now though as I would have hoped to be fully healed up by now!

Stupid leg


So what have I been up to? Well I survived a half term week with the small human and the boot on the foot. It was hard but I have to give all the credit to Evie, she was absolutely fantastic. She looked after me all week, helping me clean and tidy. It is amazing that when you give them a little bit of responsibility, they really excel. Even at 4 years old! I am hoping this is something we can keep up with, as she really enjoyed being ‘grown up’ and helping me.

We also ordered one of the free Toucan boxes to come in time for Half Term. Evie really enjoyed it, and I may look into getting another one to keep her entertained over the easter holidays.


Evie has been doing fantastically well with her dancing. She wants to practice all the time and we are considering taking her for an extra lesson a week after Easter. She is still as in love with Jean Butler has she has always been, which is just too cute. We got her to try on my old Irish dancing team dress, and now she is desperate for her own! Though I nearly fainted when I saw the cost of them.


We have been having loads of great family quality time too. Watching films, playing dress up and generally just chilling out together. It has been lovely to just ‘be’. Though I must say, I have watched ‘My little pony – The Movie’ so many times now I am pretty certain I can now quote it work for word.


Evie had a busy social calendar as always, and enjoyed dressing up as Rainbow Dash to go to her friend’s birthday party. Its mad seeing all these kids grow up so quickly over the yeas! Where have our babies gone?! We also got to see one of my school friends for a soft play date, which is always great. I don’t get a lot of time to catch up with people anymore so when we do, I always enjoy having a good old chat.


She also restarted her horse riding lessons with her Christmas/Birthday vouchers with her older cousin. They absolutely love going and riding their ponies on a freezing cold Sunday morning. Shout out to Evie’s cousin Jessica who has taken to riding like a duck to water. I think Evie enjoys just sitting on the horse and going for a trot more than anything else, but as long as she is happy and enjoying herself then I don’t mind. Though I do need to invest in decent coat, and maybe a new thermos for sitting in the cold with!!!


All in all, it’s been nice to have a little time ‘off grid’. And to have a half term that hasn’t cost me the world, because I haven’t been able to get out and spend money.


Until next time …


Sarah xx


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