All About Me

Hi I’m Sarah. I’m a 24 year old mom to Evelyn and better half to Matt, living in Birmingham. Not ‘Burminhum’. That makes me rage. I like coffee, social media, music and more coffee.

The exciting moment when my hairs straight and my eyebrows have been done!

I’m a standard boring mom. I’m crap at housework. I drive a crap car. Soft play makes me shudder and parks have bugs, and well bugs bloody suck. My roots are so long I think they’ve developed a new fashion, my clothes are from primark and Asda whilst Evie rocks it in ted baker and next.

So why am I here? Well it’s a way to pass the time when my insomnia kicks in 😉. And because I want to show what it’s like being a ‘real’ mommy. Not a middle class mother eating in quaint little bistros and drinking lattes. Oh no, not me. It’s more Asda cafe and a greggs sausage roll Hun. It’s a garden that’s never finished and a house that could probably do with a dust. But hey, I’m not the only one!