Hangovers …

Moms and hangovers do not mix. There I said it. It’s the worst idea in the bloody world and I will tell you why.. Before you are a parent hangovers suck a little. You wake up and the rooms spins and you vom a bit. You spend the day chilling in your PJs, sipping water… Continue reading Hangovers …

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Friday night!

Ah Friday night. That feeling of elation that there is no work tomorrow, and the weekend is upon you. The freedom to do whatever you please. Pahaa. Friday nights in mommatown are just another night. But what happens when you get a rare night off from being Mommy and Daddy and you get to go… Continue reading Friday night!


The meltdowns…

  There is something quite amazing about being a pre schooler (I have finally admitted that she is no longer a toddler … insert the sounds of my broken heart here).  As you may have read before I am actually kind of jealous of my three year old.   However sometimes I would like to… Continue reading The meltdowns…


All I want for Christmas ..

Peace and quiet? Haha I wish. Every year I ask for that and I never get it, so I’m striking that right off my list. With my Birthday (Bonfire night … and all those who were wondering where the name BonfireMom came from you now have your answer!) and Christmas appearing from over the horizon… Continue reading All I want for Christmas ..



So at the weekend, we ventured out. Outside, I know. What's more shocking is that it was a Sunday. Haahaa. A few months ago I saw an advert on facebook for the Edgbaston Tricentenary over at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It was advertised as free, so of course I went  straight in on that one.… Continue reading EDGBASTON TRICENTENARY FESTIVAL


Sunday Funday ..

I love Sundays. Boring I know, as most 20 something’s live for Saturday but I really do love Sundays. Saturday to me is my job day. The day where I run around and try and get everything done that I couldn't during the week. So Sunday is my day of rest. Well as much rest… Continue reading Sunday Funday ..


Rain Rain go away!

Bloody rain, it’s driving me demented. I have a garden, full of lovely toys like swings and a trampoline so that I can keep the small human entertained at home. For free! Fabulous. Well what blooming use to me is it when its fecking raining all the time. Why have I parted with £££ again… Continue reading Rain Rain go away!


I’m jealous of my three year old.

    Yeah you read that right. I’m jealous of my three year old. She has it absolutely made if truth be told and I would go back to being three in a heartbeat. Why? Well there are a million reasons!     She gets to believe in the magic of everything. Santa? Totes real,… Continue reading I’m jealous of my three year old.


Liebster Award!

I was ever so shocked and excited when I checked my inbox today to find that I had been chosen as a nominee for the Liebster Award. I will admit, I had not expected it after only being doing this for a little while, so to say I was shocked was an understatement. I have… Continue reading Liebster Award!