I am tired  And I am done.  My voice does damage  It fixes none.  My head is screwy  It does not assist.  I can’t find my way out  Of this constant mist.  I do no harm  Yet I do no good.  All these true intentions  Are still misunderstood  For I am tired And I am… Continue reading Done.


Poetry 2021

Don’t hide your mental health issues. But don’t burden anyone with them.  See social posts that pretend to listen.  But be ignored when seeking help.  Don’t hide your mental health issues.  But don’t burden anyone with them.  Hold your head high and own the true you.  But fail to know who that is.  Don’t hide… Continue reading Poetry 2021


Mothers Day 2018.

Ah mothers Day. The day where all mothers up and down the land are treated like royalty, where they get a lie in and hot coffee. They get served a nice breakfast in bed and then are treated to a spa day and steak dinner. No? I jest… However It is a time where we… Continue reading Mothers Day 2018.

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A quick update!

Hello all. As you may have noticed, I have been off on a disappearing act again. Why? Because I did a major stupid and fell down the stairs and bust up my ankle. Which I shall admit, is not the best idea I have ever had. I have been in quite a lot of pain… Continue reading A quick update!

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The Poor Mom’s guide…          

The poor mom's guide to ....entertaining your child. 99.9% of the time I have a decent handle on this parenting thing. That I know how to keep the small human happy and entertained, whilst not looing my shit or setting fire to the house. Which is always a win-win bonus right? But sometimes I am… Continue reading The Poor Mom’s guide…          


Stuck in a rut

Careers are a funny old thing. When you are young, you are determined that when you are all grown up you will have an awesome career. When I was much younger I wanted to be a Red Coat at Butlins (No I have never seen a fat redcoat either but shush and just humour me… Continue reading Stuck in a rut

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Dance Mom.

I'm currently writing this whilst sat in a freezing cold foyer at 9:30am on a Saturday morning. Why? Because I have signed myself up for the title of 'Dance Mom'. What on Earth am I on about? Well, I've signed the smallhuman up for Dance lessons. Irish dance lessons to be precise. I used to… Continue reading Dance Mom.

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Shine bright like a diamond

Ah kids. There is always something they are after, and at 4 years old Evie decided that she wanted to have get her ears pierced. Or peeled as she kept telling anyone who would listen. Matt and I had always said she could have them pierced when she was old enough to ask, and when… Continue reading Shine bright like a diamond

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Pocket Money Toys – Tsum Tsum

Hey Guys. Apologies for the delay in this weeks Pocket money toys review. I have had a bit of a problem with my laptop! Anyway, this weeks surprise toy is the Disney Tsum Tsums. Now we have dabbled in these a few times before, and never to any great response from Evie. However, in the… Continue reading Pocket Money Toys – Tsum Tsum

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Simple happiness

Sometimes, its really easy to get caught up in the things that make us sad, or cause us stress. We start to believe that everything is all doom and gloom, causing ourselves to become more miserable and reclusive in ourselves. Or at least I do anyway! So I want to take a moment to go… Continue reading Simple happiness