The signs that you are slowly turning into a ‘proper mom’.

Do you ever feel like you are slowly morphing into a ‘stereotypical mom’? I do. I feel like I am transitioning into everything I thought I wouldn’t be. That I am picking up certain traits that I previously would never have thought I would. Lets go through a few popular ones … Do as I… Continue reading The signs that you are slowly turning into a ‘proper mom’.

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Oh Christmas tree!

Ah flip. You think that you are all on top of everything and then bam! You realise that actually you are so bloody far behind. That’s right gang, Christmas is hurtling towards us like a speeding rocket, and suddenly the realisation has hit me that I am not ready! I thought I was you see.… Continue reading Oh Christmas tree!


Birthday Haul!

Ahhh, an actual day for me! Hahaa I Joke. But in all seriousness it was my 25th Birthday on Bonfire Night and I was utterly spoiled, so thought I would share some of my awesome gifts. I was lucky that many members of my family gave me money towards the tattoo I had back in… Continue reading Birthday Haul!


Mama needs to relax!

So I seem to be off the ball with the blog a little at the moment. I have been a bit poorly, and that has meant I have been going to bed at 8:30pm, living off Lemsip and feeling generally quite sorry for myself. So much so, that I actually had to admit defeat and… Continue reading Mama needs to relax!

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Half term Fun!

Hello guys. I have been a bit AWOL for the past week or so. This is due to it being half term, and I wanted to just take a week away from it all and have a bit of time as a family. And I am so glad I did, because I have come back… Continue reading Half term Fun!


Uni do’s and don’ts. 

Ah University. Thanks to Timehop I have been reminiscing about my uni days a lot recently. I moaned about it so much when I was there, but looking back I actually really enjoyed myself even though I found many faults with my course, but thats another blog for another day! So I found myself thinking… Continue reading Uni do’s and don’ts. 

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The post where I don’t even know …

Wow. What a long ass term. I feel so emotionally drained, my body aches and I so need this rest. This is a hard post to write, because a) I cannot go into the details of what is causing me to feel like this due to work and b) because I don’t really know if… Continue reading The post where I don’t even know …


Food glorious food

Ah food. I have a fantastic relationship with food. Haha jokes, I have an awful relationship with food. Always have done, hopeful that it will one day be cured. However since becoming a mama I have seemingly adopted the ‘mommy diet’. I suppose you are wondering what on earth a ‘mummy’ diet is. Is it… Continue reading Food glorious food

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I’m such a mom it hurts!

I have read a tonne of blogs about people saying that they were once cool and trendy before they had their children. That they would go out for brunch and sip mimosas at the mailbox, or would go out on spontaneous days out. I never really did any of those things to be honest with… Continue reading I’m such a mom it hurts!

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Signs that you own a 3 year old.

Ahh three year olds. Everyone warned me to be weary of having a two year old. However we pretty much sailed right through that one with minimal issues. So sod’s law meant that we would get a ‘threenager’. What is one of those, I hear you ask. Well its when you own a small human… Continue reading Signs that you own a 3 year old.